Tesla Model S 90D: Rated Range Degradation 69000 Miles 146 Weeks Ownership W/Chart

we are at the 69 thousand mile range
update it is a colle 48 degrees Fahrenheit outside yes that time of year 262 rated miles which was really really
good looking down at our Tesla spy here car thinks we have a peck capacity of 76
point 1 kilowatt hours with a current charge of 76.4 kilowatt hours total
lifetime discharge 30.9 5-1 megawatts total lifetime charge thirty-three point
four zero one megawatts look at that chart Wow
that’s all over the place Hey look down a little more uh balance is still about
eight millivolts charging ended about a minute ago just long enough we’re gonna
get the iPad in the camera current temperatures of the pack
max ninety four point two degrees Fahrenheit with a low of ninety one
point two degrees Fahrenheit and this afternoon it’ll be partly sunny with a
high of so anyways max temperature during charging today was about a
hundred and five I arrived actually even though I drove
oh about seventy five minutes to get here right the Madison Wisconsin super
charger there yeah and each town lovely each town mall my pack was still had the
cold temperature limit had just come off when we arrived or right before we got
here so we never hit our max charge rate of 94 kilowatt hour
excuse me 94 kilowatt so there we go they’re saying see you
guys next video

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