The Earth is Definitely Not Flat
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The Earth is Definitely Not Flat

It’s Professor Dave, and I wanna show you the world. Throughout this astronomy series, we’ve
learned quite a bit about every object you could hope to see in the night sky, as well
as many others that you can’t. So how does all of this fit in with the understanding
held by the common public? For one thing, just the way that an understanding
of chemistry and biochemistry makes it easy to refute things like alternative medicine,
the understanding of astronomy we have just gained will make it easy to refute similarly
alternative cosmological models, most notably the present fad that is the flat-earth model. There exists a community of folks who believe
that contrary to everything the human species has learned over the past few centuries, the
world is not spherical, but is instead flat, and is also the center of the universe. A knee-jerk reaction to this is often one
of disbelief and even mockery, but rather than go that route, let’s consider this
model in a rigidly academic way. Whether the earth is flat or round, we should
be able to demonstrate it, and show how all astronomical phenomena make sense in one model
versus the other. Let’s go through some of these phenomena
now, and put them into context. First, let’s just look at the celestial sphere. We look up and we see stars and planets going around. The flat earth model says we stay still while
everything goes around us, and the round earth model says we rotate, which is what causes
the apparent motion of objects in the sky. At face value, with no further investigation,
these are two completely valid hypotheses. Either of them could feasibly explain what
we see in the sky. Now let’s dig a little deeper. What are some details we notice about the
celestial sphere and certain earthly phenomena? We experience night and day, alternating periods
of light and dark that change over time. We see the ecliptic. This is the part of the sky that traces the
sun’s path throughout the year, as well as the paths of all the planets. The path of the sun follows a slowly tilting
pattern that lasts one year. This length of time also outlines other cycles
observed on earth, which we call the seasons. These seasons go a particular way in the northern
hemisphere, and the opposite way in the southern hemisphere. There exists a phenomenon called the Coriolis
effect, whereby rotating masses like storms rotate in one direction in the northern hemisphere
and the other direction in the southern hemisphere. Each hemisphere also sees an entirely different
collection of stars. These are just a handful of the observations
we can make that beg to be explained. Here is where the round earth becomes obvious. All we have to do is understand that the earth
is roughly spherical, spinning on an axis tilted somewhat from the vertical, and going
around the sun just like all the other planets. This singular assumption makes all of the
observations fall into place. As earth rotates, it’s daytime when facing
the sun and nighttime when facing away from the sun. The apparent motion of all these celestial
objects utilizes elliptical paths, and can therefore be predicted. The seasons occur because of the amount of
sunlight hitting one hemisphere versus the other at any given time in earth’s orbit. One year is also no longer an arbitrary amount
of time, it’s equal to one revolution of the earth around the sun, and the differing
lengths of night and day are also explained by the tilt in the rotational axis. The Coriolis effect is just the result of
simple physics related to rotating bodies like the earth. The hemispheres have different skies because
they point out at different regions of space. Everything we see makes perfect sense with
one simple, unifying assumption. That’s what science is all about. In the flat earth model, all of these observations
require their own separate explanations. What is night and day? If you try to place a luminous object like
the sun above a plane like the flat earth, how does light reach half the plane and not
the other half? Say you come up with a mechanism whereby light
dissipates appropriately. How does this then fit with other observations? What are the seasons? If you try to explain them by pulling the
sun closer and farther from the earth, how can it be winter in the north and summer in the south? What is the Coriolis effect? If earth is a plane, what magically alters
the rotation of a storm in one half of the plane compared to the other? Shouldn’t we also all be seeing the same
night sky, since our lines of sight all face the same direction? Flat earth subscribers do actually attempt
to answer all of these questions, but beyond the fact that the explanations are never mathematically
or logically sound, the sheer fact that each phenomenon requires its own independent explanation
makes it unscientific. If we invent a luminous sun-like object, and
start tracing elaborate paths through the sky, this is just the epicycles from the geocentric
model all over again. It’s assumption upon assumption, adjustment
upon adjustment, all of which are totally ad hoc, based in nothing but an attempt to
fit observation. This is very poor science. When we say the earth is round and put the
sun at the center of all this motion, not only are all of these phenomena easy to explain,
even to a layperson, but predictions can be made. In 2017, a total solar eclipse occurred over
the United States. Using a modern understanding of astronomy,
we can do math to predict any such event, like eclipses, the return of Halley’s comet,
or anything else. This is done very simply, with the sun at
the center, and using Kepler’s laws regarding elliptical orbits, which involves basic algebra
accessible to anyone. Only in this model is the math so easy. So when we operate under this framework and
say that a solar eclipse is going to happen at this time, on this day, in this place,
and then it does match our prediction with extreme precision, there can be no clearer
vindication for this model of the solar system. Game, set, match. The flat earth model can never make such predictions,
not just because the notion of an eclipse has no logical basis, but also as there is
no unifying mathematical system. It’s a bunch of separate phenomena with
separate explanations, if such explanations even exist. It doesn’t end there. The flat earth model has a huge laundry list
of other things to explain besides what we have mentioned so far. Everything we see in space is a sphere. Why is earth the only thing that isn’t? Things fall to the earth because of gravity,
which attracts things to earth’s center of mass. If earth is not a sphere, why do things fall
to the earth? What is gravity? The implications run so much deeper than just
what rotates around what. Ad hoc solutions are offered, like the idea
that the flat earth is accelerating upwards which an acceleration of 9.8 meters per second
squared, and that’s why we all stick to the ground. But this doesn’t help, it actually makes
things worse. What is up? What is causing the acceleration? If it is constantly accelerating, we should
be traveling the speed of light by now. What is meant to be a simple explanation actually
complicates things so much further. Then there is the matter of the geometrical implications. How do we slice up the globe to make it flat? What places are far away that we thought were close? How is it possible to fly or sail around the
world, which has indeed been done by so many people? Where is the edge of the earth? Why hasn’t anyone seen it? What about all the pictures we have of the
earth from space? Again, ad hoc solutions are required for all
of these questions. It is proposed that a huge ice wall surrounds
the earth, which we call Antarctica. No one can go there, because NASA is guarding it. How? Where is the personnel? Where is the budget for such an operation? NASA also fabricates all of the photos we see. Why? What is the motivation? And how? We have had photos of the earth from space
since the 60s, which predates computer editing software by several decades. The logical hole gets deeper and deeper. Because it is impossible to form a consistent
framework for these observations, the model must turn to conspiracy. Now to be clear, I am a firm believer that
outside-the-box thinking should be encouraged, and we should always be ready to challenge
institutions and governments, but the validity of a conspiracy theory depends largely on
how many people have to be in on it. The notion that all the governments and all
the scientists and all the airline pilots and flight attendants and communication technology
operators and thousands of others are all in on it… it starts to get pretty absurd. The manufacturing of a holographic sphere
playing a movie of the heavens, which is operated by unknown entities oppressing mankind into
deception and slavery is really what we are left with for the flat-earth model, and perhaps
that realization makes the whole thing make sense. It is the desire to live in a science fiction
movie and feel like the hero leading the fight against evil forces that may be the best explanation
for the motivations involved with those who insist on this model. So that’s all there is to it. We do not say the earth is round because we’ve
been told it’s round, or because we are repeating scientific dogma. We say it is round because it is the simplest
explanation for what we see. The earth is round because the round earth
model makes perfect sense of every observation we can make. No ad hoc reasoning, just a bunch of puzzle
pieces that fit together to form a coherent view of the universe and everything in it. This is the same reason that the heliocentric
model replaced the geocentric model when Copernicus and Kepler came around. It just works better. The orbits of the planets don’t have to
be explained by epicycles upon epicycles. If the sun is at the center of the solar system,
the planets follow very simple ellipses, and Kepler’s laws predict the positions of planets
with much better accuracy and precision than any previous model. When the world is round, everything fits. In contrast, the flat earth model has to come
up with ad hoc modifications to explain each and every observation in a different way. All of these problems simply vanish with a
round earth. The earth is round, and what we see makes perfect sense. The precise position of every celestial object
can be predicted with great accuracy, far into the future. We can say that an eclipse will happen at
a particular time on a particular day in a particular place, and that’s exactly what we see. This is the essence of good science. A model or theory that correlates mountains
of data to form a simple and cohesive explanation for observations, and makes falsifiable predictions
regarding phenomena. If a model can’t do that, it’s not scientific,
and the flat-earth model simply does not hold up to scrutiny, so it must be discarded, as
it was for the majority of the human race a few thousand years ago. Now that we’ve caught back up to what we
already knew, let’s move forward and see what else we can say about the public’s
perception of space.

100 thoughts on “The Earth is Definitely Not Flat

  1. How a flat earther can watch this and still think the earth is flat is beyond anyone’s understanding 🤦‍♂️🏻

  2. This was perfect! Very simple and refreshingly respectful (comments not included.) Thank you for your precise, scientific explanations 🙂

  3. 1) Take two ships to the equator. 2) Have one ship head east 50 miles and the other west 50 miles. 3) Then have both ships head south 100 miles. 4) Now measure the distance between the two ships. If the ships are closer together than the original 100 miles it would indicate GLOBE. If they are further apart than the original 100 miles it would indicate NO GLOBE. cheers 🙂

  4. Hmmm-Dave, I really need to know if it was just dumb luck? Or, are you tweaking the argument by carefully contesting, – “the flat earth model”? Do you actually have a conscience? Cannot knowingly deceive/Miss lead your followers, attacking a model, how about clearing up Nathan Oakley’s eight housekeeping questions

  5. What's even worse is that this crap comes from the Bible… Pfft, if there is anything that could disprove Christian God, that would be the claim that he made flat earth

  6. can accept that flat earth people are impossibly stupid and just go on with our life's and leave them on earth when we go to live on the moon and mars

  7. "Very poor science "
    That's an understatement, nobody that believes in flat earth understands the basics of science.
    They're uneducated people that dismiss science even tho they don't have a clue about it .
    If they did they wouldn't embarrass themselves by saying the earth is flat.

  8. Flerfers believe NASA stops people from going to the ice wall ,, I doubt the Russians or Chinese would take any notice of what NASA says .

  9. I seriously want an IQ test in the people who believe in a flat earth (and who believe in a round earth)

    This will actually be a very interesting test

  10. yeah which places are far away that shouldn't be ? a lot of ship are traveling from australia to south america and it's not far away like in a flat earth stupid map

  11. I've argued with flat earth community on Reddit, and whenever I posed a question or debated someone that would give away my disposition, I'd get banned. I got banned from 4 subreddits for not much more than asking valid questions.

    They're always fond of saying that we've been raised to accept the heliocentric model blindly, but maybe they're describing themselves because I never accepted it blindly. I was always curious enough as a kid to try to picture how things work, and the model made sense to me even back when I was in 1st grade. That the Earth is so large that we cannot see the curvature made a ton of sense, and when I got older and learned about how fast the Earth was orbiting our sun, and how fast our solar system was moving through interstellar space, I understood that I couldn't expect to feel that movement because we were already in motion, and we aren't accelerating or decelerating.

    It's for the same reason that riding on a plane cruising at 500 mph doesn't feel all that different from riding on a bus going 70 mph on a highway. Sure, the takeoff was exciting because would accelerate, but once you'd get up to cruising airspeed, you could lean your head back and take a nap.

    I think that the flat earthers just cannot picture a world that works that way. Their spatial intelligence is awful or non-existent, so they are compelled to find another way to explain what they clearly cannot accept, and the problem with doing that is, it's impossible to get everything to work since it's all wrong from the get-go. So they have to go with a global conspiracy to explain it all.

  12. I agree with everything you stated. Excellent video. Except the fact that prehistoric people were in fact able to predict lunar eclipses with a level earth model.

  13. If the earth is ball then how do people on the bottom not fall off. Also why dont the blood rush to there head and they pass out ?

  14. I just wanted to say thanks for letting my brain relax…you said clearly every argument against. I think I just needed to hear it from a scientist before I could let it go. 🤘😎

  15. It's a sad day for human kind when a professor, in the 21st century, feels compelled to post a video like this to set the record straight.

  16. Ah! Don't talk so bad about the epicylcles! Compared to flat earhers, this was scientifically sound and even delivered better results than Copernicus' calculations (until Keppler came up with his laws).

  17. (Time traveler tourists from the future come back for a visit…)
    Flat Earthers – 🤪 "Dude, the earth is flat and has a glass dome!"
    Time Traveling Tourists – 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

  18. I think that when the flat earth society were still in the womb their daddy's Wang hit them in the head repeatedly and gave them brain damage. ……….

  19. I find those that Many I have met that believe flat earth are socially awkward and somewhat prideful people. It seems that they like the flat earth theory because it makes them feel superior to others in that they are “ahead of the curve” so to speak and the rest of us are all “dumb and duped”
    It also makes them feel better about themselves because they know they have a social awkwardness, and now they are justified, thinking they are just on a higher “level” than most people.
    At least that’s what I have notice while talking to them

  20. Hi Professor Dave,
    Greetings from Melbourne, Australia.
    Not sure if you're doing any further flat earth debunking, but if you do…
    May I suggest checking out Geoff Wilson.
    Yesterday he made it to the South Pole.
    Here is our ABC link:
    Best wishes,
    An Australian resident who has circumnavigated this globe, and is NOT paid by NASA.

  21. "The Earth is flat and Antarctica surrounds the edges of the World with ice to hold everything in and NASA are guarding it so nobody sees it" Really?? Are these people serious??
    The globe fits all known modern science, we have photos taken from space to show the Earth is a sphere, if you fly high enough…..around 60,000+, you can clearly see the curvature of the Earth. According to these dimwit flat earthers however….these effects are done in a studio, mere false images and all the people who have been to space are all liars….🙄🙄😂🤣. BLOODY RIDICULOUS!!!

  22. Sunrise & sundown is all I need to know it's a sphere…if flat, why do we have dark on one side & the sunshine on the other…I'm a Christian & scripture even says it's a sphere…. logic tho…

  23. Guys, i'm telling you…If these people ever got beyond the ice wall and realized that's where we're keeping all the dinosaurs and unicorns…their minds would explode.

  24. FlatBrains

    2017 – Earth is flat
    2018 – Moon is flat
    2019 – Moon dosen't exist
    2020- Space is fake
    2021- Everything is flat

  25. To me, it just FEELS like the earth is moving through space. I gotta admit, the flat earthers almost had me. I doubted it the entire time, yet I did honestly need some good solid logic to get my feet back on the ground.
    People like you are needed more than ever. It's a strange state of mind to be in. Claustrophobic to say the least! Thank you for this video. Sometimes it helps to have someone walk people through the reasoning so we can explain more easily to those that are tied up in flat earth syndrome.

  26. It's very simple:

    Answer ONE QUESTION:

    DIRECTV satellite TV is a conspiracy?

    OR EVERY SATELLITE PHONE? That you can buy and use right now to pick up a call in the Sahara????

    OR EVERY GPS SATELLITE orbitting the earth? Or Sirius or XM radio?

    Tell me, WHAT IS TRANSMITTING those signals in space? Some kind of magic spaghetti monster???


  27. People who believe in the flat earth all have one thing in common. Dunning Krueger (is that how you spell it?) effect. This effect is, for those who do not know, is your low knowledge of a subject leads you to believe you are an expert in the field of whatever it is you think you know and think you know more than anyone who actually studies the field.

    A nice example is I think I know proper ways to lift weights. I go to the gym and do God knows how many exercises with 'em, but one day a bro walks over and says, "hey I've been watching you do your weights. Lemme give you a few pointers." Someone with Dunning Krueger would blow him off and say "pish posh, I know what I'm doing." Someone without it would accept his advice and learn how to do the workout correctly.

    This kind of situation is exactly what happens with flerfers and "globers" (In these arguments I say globers to represent myself and other globe believers). Flerfers think they know proper science. When a Glober comes over and says, "Hey I've been watching you do your science. Here. let me show you the proper way," the Flerfer says something on the order of "Pish posh, i know what I'm doing," when they are too feckless to actually know what they're doing. These are the people who need guidance. And who knows? Maybe when spaceflight gets better, and cheaper, we can send these idiots half way up the first Lagrangian so they can see the moon and the sun and the Earth in all their round, beautiful glory.

  28. Brilliant reality restore,,,,,,,,,if you watch enough of those flat earth. Vids your mind dose start to ask questions ,,,, however when the guy in this vid correctly pointed out if the earth was flat how come we dont all have sunlight all the time? ,,,I smiled to myself self as sanity was restored,,💥

  29. Leave the flat earthers alone, they do a great job cleaning my drains serving chips and just doing funny things that amuse my children.

  30. Great video that demonstrates how a model works for everything, while the other needs separate and divergent explanations to "make it work". The complexity of the universe is based in its simplicity.

  31. If you look up to the moon what shape is it if you look at the sun what shape is it look at any plant in the system and they are all round so why would the earth be any different get a grip the only thing that’s flat here is your flat earth heads…..

  32. Lol if we sent these dumbasses to space to proof the earth is a globe they would probably make an excuse saying that oh the window is photoshopped or my helmet is photoshopped their thick heads hurt mine on how stupid they are

  33. I trained in Telecoms in the Army and learnt very early in training the fundamental point that when setting up non line of sight point to point radio links (UHF, VHF, SHF) that were up to 25 kilometers at the time for the specific military X25 system we worked on, you had to take into account the curvature of the earth. I shut some flat earth believers up with that information recently. There is no comeback on that point. I've worked in telecoms and IT since the early 90's and this law/rule of thumb has never changed and wont anytime ever!

  34. God bless you sir for your time and effort to save these fools from the deliberate and willful ignorance they reside in.

    There’s absolutely no reason for anyone to CHOOSE to believe in this fallacy, when there is so much LOGICAL and OBSERVABLE proof that the earth is round. On the contrary most of the flat earth “explanations” are laughable because they defy, ignore, or just straight up denounce the laws of physics.

  35. Nasa should throw all these flat earthers into the space and make them realise that the earth is spherical and not flat.

  36. It is my belief that the earth rests on the back of four elephants and floats through space on the back of an immortal turtle.

  37. 07:57 my coworker said exactly this. I informed him about acceleration and force by pushing him and said everything else would feel this too…when an object fell….whole cities would collapse etc….he shut up and went to the next topic. He got off work 45 minutes late.

  38. One thing that nobody ever mentions is OIL. Consider the massive quantities of oil taken from the Earth, where is it stored inside this tiny flat plain ? Their model doesn't show that does it ?

  39. @ 10:18 "It is the desire to live in a science fiction movie and feel like the hero leading the fight against evil forces that may be the best explanation for the motivations for the those who insist on this model."

    THANK YOU. As a former fundie xtian young-earther (back when I was a kid) I can say from personal experience that that is precisely the reason for beliefs like Flat Earth, Young Earth creationism, and religious fundamentalism in general. I'm actually consistently disappointed at how many in the atheist / skeptic community appear to miss this explanation. Religion truly is the opiate of the masses, because you can get high as a freaking kite on fantasy.

  40. "Ignorant men raise questions that wise men answered a thousand years ago"

    -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    The flearthers are raising the questions, but refuse to acknowledge that they were answered a thousand years ago. They ask questions that for them, seem like "gotcha!" questions, like "you'd never thought of that before, huh?". They just keep exposing their ignorance, really.

  41. Absolutely no confirmation bias was harmed in the making of this video… "Am I a joke to you?" -the words "We Assume the earth is a sphere"

  42. Flat earthers bruh. If we do accelerate 9.8 meters a second, then that means that we would be going faster than the speed of light in less than a year. Do the math.

  43. I ended up here after watching "Behind the Curve" on Netflix. Simply stunning stupidity in the flat earth…. is it a community? commune? cult? What ever it is those folks are way out on the fringe of sanity. Great video, I'll be watching the rest of yours as well.

  44. Wow everyone isn’t in on it, all scientists airline pilots whoever are just as brainwashed as everyone else, only a certain amount will know the true reality of this place like the Masonic astronauts who deceive everyone with their cartoonery cgi nonsense with hairspray in their hair and being supported on wires, nasa are an absolute joke, it’s inevitable that the masses will wake up to the deceit in time, it’s happening already you can see it happening when you have been looking into all this as long as I have.
    The ball 🍐 earth is dying a slow painful death, good riddance to it as well it’s nothing but a false dichotomy.

  45. Professor Dave "I do science me." Me "Assumptions, logical fallacies and circular reasoning are not science you utter moron."

  46. I invite all to see for themselves what FE have to say. "To make sense" according to whom. On one side or the other there is many unanswered question. Today science is more based on the oculte, teories contruded on teories fabulated in the attempt to establish previous still not confirm théology, just a other religion.

  47. "An unknown entity oppressing us into slavery" sums up 13:07. Flat or spherical most people hate God and will do anything to persuade others to do the same.

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