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  1. Why wasn't her dead boyfriend at the table? Lol and I had no idea that they were bro and sis-the professor and the blonde until I finally read the full description near the end! Can't understand what they're saying a lot of the time.

  2. Sister Desiree Lim,Just From Watching The First 15 Minutes Of This Marvelously Written Movie It Confirmed That This Is Based Upon Situations,
    And Personal Life Experiences!

    Bravo Ms. Lim,Bravo, As You Touched Upon Some Actual Verification Of Facts 96% Of Us Know Nothing About Yet Are The First
    Ones To Say
    "Did You See That" We Were Glad To Confirm The Psychological Twists And Turns!

  3. Excellent film. Profoundly written. Highly recommended movie, though this is NOT "horror" in the typical implication. Thank you for uploading and sharing.

  4. this movie needs lots of script trimming and strategic editing. it wasn't a horror movie at all and would've worked better as a straight drama. thanks for the video.

  5. I love this movie.I thought it was one of the better kings of horror movies.Little, bit like lakehouse maybe ? Sorry guys but i like it 🙂

  6. So moving, but definitely worth watching…I really liked this film, and the house was amazing! I would have lived there even with the ghosts, no problem!

  7. Not a horror movie, true, but a ghost story, and not a bad one. The audio was a bit cranky for me, sometimes so low that I couldn't hear, even with the volume all the way up. No gore or scare tactics, but a refreshing perspective.

  8. hi video uploader most of your horror movie are boring, ,,,!
    please could you stop uploading a nonsense movie its a waste of time not worth to watch!

  9. It was more of a Christmas movie about feelings and forgiveness. I quite enjoyed it and it wasn't at all what I expected, which was a nice twist. EVERYONE has to get their shit together……..Lol

  10. Only true movie fans would appreciate and understand this one. People that are not into commercialised, hyped up movies. Thanks uploader I enjoyed it.

  11. I LIKED IT – was weird all the Chinese ppl spoke like New Zealand ppl and w.o a spoiler ,i didn't care for the ending

  12. I thought this was a great movie. (not really horror though) Makes you think about life, consequences, and death. Don't read comments first, some people liked it, some not, just differences of opinion. A thumbs up from me, worth watching- thanks

  13. lol The first 10 min,s or more was pure silence !!. That makes ya mind up there and then to not watch it .. 😂😂👎👎👎

  14. I enjoyed this movie I am going through deep depression right now and it honestly makes me think about the good things in life. At least I am alive, good health ect. I could be dead with no chance at all to get my life together.. thankyou for the upload a million times worth watching 🙂

  15. was very sceptical at first but not disappointed about this film, it's obvious it's she had so many ghost's in her life she had to confront and learn to leave behind so she could move on, good film , well done👍

  16. belive in afterlife… good and bad souls.. heaven and hell. good retribution and bad torment. . continue doing good…. good deeds

  17. Loved this movie, it shouldn't be called a horror, although lies hold you back, because you have to keep reliving them to keep your story straight.

  18. WOW DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! LITTERLY 😲😲😲😂😂😂🍆🍆🍆🙈🙉🙊👥👥👀👀🍆🍆🍆😂😂😂

  19. Wow. Wow, this is so much better than I had expected. I'd expected some cheap, fun-thrills supernatural crap. I'm so glad I was wrong. This isn't so much a "Full Horror Movie" as a fantasy, an allegory, a wonderful set of character studies – it's so much more than some witless zombie scare-fest. Eerie, classy, beautifully written, beautifully played human drama. Big like.

  20. I like the professor, he talks about Charles Schulz,(whom I adore), and yells at a former investment banker😂 Thumbs up 👍

  21. A beautifully written; crafted and shot film – and really engaging & thought provoking. Makes a change from creepy old house and bumps in the night ghoulish or psycho ghosts. Really absorbing … great team including locations scout. Thanks for the upload – a great-little gem of a film.

  22. in 2015 I watched some Kings of Horror films they were so awful That I vowed I would never watch another however after watching this movie I have to take that back because this was really excellent thank you to the writer and thank you for uploading this video I really enjoyed it

  23. OMG hey to be rich, wow i mean she just nonchalantly talks about that place like its just a casual house like its no big deal or like its just one of many, this was filmed in my city of Vancouver Canada, and our housing market is going through the roof no pun intended, yeah its so expensive here in Vancouver, soon you'll have to pay to be homeless. its fucking insane. i just can't believe how in this movie the girl acts like being rich is no big deal like i'll order you a desk pronto, lol wow to be able to get anything you want or need in a moments notice would be amazing.

  24. BUT in a way that big house would be too big for just me to stay in. id be freaked out. big houses make weird noises. and i dont do so well with noises in houses it freaks me out and then i start getting paranoid.

  25. "there were spirits in the house last night", "really? well did you call 911?" "yes but then he disappeared" LMFAO yeah that's the first thing you do when you see spirits call 911 they'll send the ghost busters right over like wtf is 911 going to do if you tell them you've seen spirits? they're not going to take you very serious.

  26. Very good movie!… NOT NOT NOT A HORROR MOVIE… Ghosts do not a horror story make… Is it worth watching?? Yes.. definitely!.. Its more of deep look at life and how short and fragile it can be.. Making every moment count… I had closure with Jean's story but I wish they had gave more closure and answers to the "ghost"s" stories.. To me it could have ended better.. Still, all in all a really good movie!!.. thanks so much for uploading and sharing!!!.. I enjoyed it!

  27. Way too much freaky deaky stuff happening – I'd just check into the nearest motel 6. LOL. I'm too scared to continue watching until the end – but I love horror …so. LOL.

  28. Great movie and GREAT SONG! I loved Unfamiliar, that sounded like a song that should have made it! Kinda makes ya wonder what you have to have to make it big if this guy didn't?

  29. I love watching movies filmed in Vancouver! I live there and our favorite game is "spot the location!" As soon as she drove down the country lane I recognized the fence and speed limit sign (in metric). Thanks for the upload! Scary and fun at the same time…

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