The Interrogation Room – The Reid Technique – the fifth estate
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The Interrogation Room – The Reid Technique – the fifth estate

100 thoughts on “The Interrogation Room – The Reid Technique – the fifth estate

  1. I have an issue though. @15:17 there is nothing wrong with an officer telling someone what will happen IF they are found to be lying under oath!! As long as it is the truth and it should not be said to intimidate someone. That's nonsense!! Of course the truth is intimidating on it's own. But that is besides the point.

    It us not a threat if you are telling the truth!!

  2. You notice how the Judge and good cops and so forth, can be ever so soft spoken. As if they have remorse for what has happened to you. That's called working both sides of the same coin.

  3. A Private Investigator told me in 1988, after my Father was murdered, that…”If you are looking for Justice, it’s right here (he tossed me a dictionary), bc Justice is just another word in the dictionary.”! A moment of truth forever engraved in my mind…investigative/criminal/judicial systems are often so inept, or crooked, that “Justice” is just a word, sadly!

  4. Intimidating witnesses and coercing confessions doesn't require skill or talent… that's why Police use these methods…

  5. Further proof that even if you're 100% innocent, you never talk to the police unless a lawyer is present. They are not your buds.

  6. How do you screw up this badly? They had 6 suspects that were gang bangers then for whatever reason then pinned it all on the bday boy. Who had no criminal history, had several witnesses stating he was inside, and the freakin tapes both inside and outside.

    This turned from finding the true killers to "was Eric inside or outside?" And holy crap if Pinocchio lied this much his damn nose would go around the world… twice.

    Lying is one thing, but straight up threatening the witnesses? Of course they're going to start changing their tune if you begin mentioning possible prison time.

    Are the cops really that lazy that they would rather spend hours bullying people to send an innocent man to jail rather than digging up clues to figure out the real shooters?

  7. An utter disgrace! My husband and I watch and hear of all these horrendous miscarriages of justice go on in the USA and think , "Yeay, thank god we live in Canada" . . . and to think this happened just up in Brampton from where we live in Toronto. I'm a Polish immigrant and my mom's favorite line is that we immigrated to Canada to escape communism and as communism fell in Europe, it popped up here in Canada instead. These poor, broken people, not just Eric but each one that ended up getting conned into turning on their own friend, is just devastating; so many victims, the family of Eric must have gone through hell! The public at large needs to get it out of their heads that false confessions "can't happen to them" . . . . they can, they do, and if you are not constantly on guard, it may happen to you. I'm embarrassed that this is my country.

  8. Shocking behavour by someone who has the power to change lives in such a way. He didnt do his job anywere near properly, and this sort of policing should be stamped out. Did this detective keep his job because if anyone else failed so badly at their job they would be gone.

  9. i failed the plea test. this man is a straight badass! i hope and strive to be a little better and more like him. its sooo hard when they say just stand there admitt a charge and life goes on and not to take that deal

  10. he could have left any moment he wanted to. you do not have to sit there being interrogated. I WANT A LAWYER. I WANT A LAWYER. don't say anything else if you find yourself in this situation. this enrages me.

  11. this is pretty outrageous, huh? A black girl saying that all blacks look the same, except "he was lighter than I remember." Proof? You can turn anything into "proof," even a lie.

  12. And police wonder why no one will deal with them… somewhere there's a good cop that'll have to pay the price, for police interrogators like this!

    They would lie to their own families!!!

  14. The Reed technique is less of a technique and more of a LIE!! We all need to understand the absolute power of the spoken "word"!!

  15. * Notice these two crucial words the officer used when addressing Cox (around 42:00)-? He said, "You're the only person who has STUCK WITH what Eric hopes.. other people..say."* [ Before watching]: There is an alternative to "fight or flight," and it is "freeze." People who have undergone trauma (esp. at an early age) who later find themselves loudly or forcefully accused (esp. by anyone in authority) are incapable of honestly defending themselves, as their minds have switched onto autopilot. The only answers will be agreeable. This doesn't diffuse things, and it's not the truth, but thought and logic are not options when you've dissociated. You will agree with anything, and guess at other answers which will validate your accuser's (mistaken) ideas.. Later, you are only mad at yourself for not FULLY being "there." ~ Such has been my experience.

  16. So we took your dogs Ruth because you know you need money to take care of your self. #ruthsdogs #corruption #cityofbrookshire

  17. Why not hire professionals? People study years to assess human behavior. But we trust a public servant, with apparently no medical degree, no legal degree, no college to determine who is lying about committing a crime.

  18. Lawyer please…
    then they say they need the information…
    So get me my lawyer so I can speak to you.
    They often tell horrible lies like someone has died when they haven’t… Or that others have snitched on you when they haven’t.
    Sometimes they just want to resolve it and pin it on someone rather than get the actual suspect.
    Another trick… Ask you to come to Station voluntarily. But in the US they don’t have to Mirandize you if you’re not under arrest.
    Again… Attorney please and don’t submit to round the clock interrogations designed to get a confession come hell or high water.
    A good lawyer will find out what info they are telling you is true or can or cannot be confirmed.
    The lawyer is going to control how much access they can have to you and can be there the whole time.
    So many cave because they just want a break from the interrogation. Especially younger people are vulnerable.

  19. Yeah, but anytime you're dealing with the negro population it's like confronting the Mafia, they should do anything to ferret up the truth from those butterheads.

  20. And to follow the flow of thought on this thread……these interrogators and the means they use will be judged. To manipulate, lie, deceive, and intentionally try to get a "confession" under false pretenses, will be found out. And they will have to answer for their crimes(high ranking officials or police). They will no go unpunished. Anyone want to debate me on said statements(police officers/whoever)? That would be a grave mistake on your part and better have your affairs in order. (If you don't know what I mean by that last comment, then don't bother responding).

  21. Moral of the story ask for a lawyer the police are not your friends. They have a quota to meet and they don’t care who’s life is ruined in the process. Even if you’re innocent. They’re heartless ppl.

  22. I strongly believe that racism was at play. The police should have never charged that young man without the 'evidence'. What they got from the witnesses was not "evidence'

  23. I know the Reid technique. It's very powerful. It can make a suspect say that they committed a crime when they actually did not. Because of this, if a suspect says they committed the crime, there must be additional evidence to prove the case; such as showing the police where they body is or handing over the murder weapon or some sort of DNA evidence,for example. In the absence of this, the police would have a very very weak case.

  24. I’m coming here after watching the movie “When they see us” based on the Central Park 5. This shows you that Canada also has a big problem with its judicial system, everything from police interrogation tactics, coercion, prosecutors maliciously prosecuting the innocent. These type of injustices in Canada happen more often than people think. I hope and pray that Eric Morgan gets justice and the police along with the prosecutors be held accountable

  25. The one thing i can think of that would stop this would be if the police are found to be guilty of coercing a false confession using techniques like this, then THEY are put in prison for YEARS without parol and without exception.

  26. The cops involved in This case Should get 25 Years in jail,themselves & Eric Morgan shud get financial compensation for his hell!!…. 🙁

  27. Never talk to the police that is the first thing you're taught the police will misconstrue anything you say to fit the narrative you must remember these people under pressure to solve a cry this is how they move up in rank regardless innocence they will send a person to jail this has been shown to be the truth thousands of times and when they found out nothing happens to them so in conclusion never talk to the police treat them as if they were dog and don't look into their eyes keep it moving

  28. No matter what an officer has to say if asked for an attorney, ask anyway. They can lie their asses off to you and not have anything done to them for it. It's a technique they can use, but God forbid a person gets caught in a tiny lie, they make ya out to be a monster. Anyway, my suggestion anytime a person is brought into the police station to be questioned whether you are a suspect or a witness, tell them you want a lawyer. They can make you out to be guilty all they want, but they have no right to ask anymore questions, that way they cannot put words in your mouth nor keep you there. A lot of people think they have to stay there if they are being questioned, unless you have been put under arrest, you have the right to leave any time you want to. Study and learn what your rights are in case anyone falls into a situation like this.

  29. My brain wants to know Why, and Where is "a Fair and Speedy Trial" ? fairly poofed in our not-so-very-decent America? Why ?!? like, How can police flat out LIE in this way? Police are supposed to be the Good Guys, trusted to uphold our laws, rights and all for the good of us all…and yet, some, hiding in or behind this trust, act worse than anybody in the mafia. Why should those who are aware and are in charge …people, society, culture… allow any of that? America? Love, anonymousmom

  30. ALWAYS CALL FOR A LAWYER. It is as simple as that. Even if not for their opinion on the law, it is a 2nd person there as a witness to everything that is happening. It takes the stress off yourself especially if the "interview" goes on past the 1 hour mark. People call police arseholes … these are the moments you think they are right. And im annoyed af that lying is acceptable in a police interrogation or interview or whatever you want to call that. If police can lie so can the witness.

  31. A noteworthy Canadian documentary on false confessions, and the tactics cops use to elicit these coerced so called confessions.

  32. It's called gaslighting and if a terapeut does it hes carrer is over.

    If a pig does it he's promoted
    And depriving the suspect food and water is surly a war crime against humanity.
    I make me sick

  33. It's sad, they are trying to force this man to tell a lie and that's unfair. That man repeated the very same story for hours.

  34. Disgusting. I just don't understand, what's wrong with actually trying to find the real killers? They knew he was innocent. This Reid technique shouldn't be used on ANYONE. I'll never understand how they can sleep at night. It will come back to them. B4 they leave this world.

  35. After watching cases of cops raking in the dough from the drug business… I wonder who they were protecting. Why else frame an innocent man?

  36. Oh crikey, the Reid Technique is the psychological equivalent of plodding all over the crime scene while flicking spit soaked cigarette butts all over the place. A great way to contaminate the witnesses and undermine public faith in policing. Vulnerable people are getting banged up (youths, people with intellectual impairments. the legally ignorant) while murderers are getting away with it.

  37. Exodus 20:16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
    Police officers, God will not be mocked. When you try to compel a man to commit false witness against his neighbor, you're cruisin' for a divine bruisin'.

  38. All that video footage of the party, and they do this?! Brian Cox is obviously a highly intelligent person, but I think that intentional dehydration leading to a lack of concentration was the primary reason the POS ‘detectives’ were able to bamboozle him. I wish Eric all the best – he’s clearly a fantastic human being.

  39. I have served in lawxenforcement for 23 years and never lied to any suspect. Lying in the service of justice is disengenious. Justice without truth is revenge not justice.

  40. It's up to the police to say whatever they need to to get a confession and it's up to you to demand a lawyer immediately. It's a system that works if you remember to demand a lawyer.

  41. Can somebody explain the possible injustice that happened to the female witness which was threatened by the detective. Wasn't she able to stand on her first statement that she's certain that birthday man "action" wasn't outside during the shooting? And just end the interview without worry that she could face punishment? Or even end the interogation after an hour? Thanks

  42. The jerk cop was charged with sexual assault in early 2018 and then poof…..any and all words of him disappear from the internet completely and older postings of his name are rapidly disappearing.

  43. I just completed Reid training. This interrogation is not the Reid Technique. Not even similar.
    The mere fact of the officer using legal punishment as a means to get someone to talk goes against everything Reid teaches.

  44. Aarrgghh! This was so frustrating to watch! Why why why were the police so dead set on convicting Erik Morgan? I feel so sorry for the number of years he lost while locked up, his lack of vindication and the devastation of his life as he knew it. Bloody hell Canadian police, you are terrible. Those police officers and the prosecutor should be locked up.

  45. TWO things u NEVER EVER, Guilty or Innocent, (I know Paralegal by profession) you Never talk to Police alone (if your a minor go with your PARENTS) n ALWAYS HAVE A LAWYER!!! Some people think they're so smart that they can get over, not happening. ALWAYS TAKE A LAWYER, ALWAYS!! Even if you're Innocent. Because of stupidity innocent people go to jail!!! The police have tactics on how to make people tired, confused, leave them hungry n thirsty, start to make the Innocent think they did it bc they get do tired n their mind can't process what's happening, n make them confess under serious duress even if they didn't do it. Their bosses, politicians, n the Mayor get on their backs for an arrest so the media will leave them alone, oh you screwed if it's Election time, they just want somebody, anybody, IVE SEEN IT DONE, ITS DISCUSTING…So if any of u ever find yourself in trouble just say " I HAVE NOTHING FURTHER TO SAY UNTIL MY LAWYER IS HERE PRESENT n if u can't afford one, one will be appointed to you!" n that's it they'll leave u alone, the lawyer speaks for u n the second he feels your being harassed with the same questions he will say " until u have real evidence I'm taking my client home! And u leave, no proof they can't hold u but most people don't know their rights n stick their feet in there mouths. DONT EVER LET THAT PERSON BE U!!!

  46. Every suspect especially innocent ones can stop this type of hours long garbage immediately!! Never speak to the police alone and without an attorney because in reality? You’re guilty until proven innocent even though the opposite is supposed to be true . You will be lied to , verbally and sometimes physically abused. The second you are cuffed ? Simply say these words ! I have no comment and I want to speak to an attorney. At that time the cops have no legal right to interrogate you further thus ending this type of torture and bull$hit . Who cares if anyone thinks you have something to hide ? It’s your life and your words that they will use against you. Clam up ! End the interrogation and only speak to your attorney. No need to sit there and take abuse for hours and hours.

    In Canada, if you're detained or arrested the only thing you have to tell a cop is your name, date of birth and your address. Then tell them you're not answering ANY questions and you want to speak to a lawyer. Say Nothing more period. Unfortunately many people can't keep their mouths shut thinking they can talk their way out of things and only make things worse for themselves.

  48. You have the RIGHT to remain SILENT….. ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU IN THE COURT OF LAW….PLEASE DO NOT SPEAK TO THE POLICE FOR ANY REASON WITH OUT AN ATTORNEY PRESENT…I don’t even understand why we have the police if this is the type of stuff that they do….I thank GOD I know my RIGHTS because they would not have had me in an INTERROGATION room for 5 hours questioning me…..your question to the police is AM I UNDER ARREST if NOT GOODBYE if they say you are under arrest then GET ME MY ATTORNEY. THATS IT THERE IS ZERO DISCUSSION PERIOD.

  49. If you are a juror, you basically have to consider any confession made under interrogation that is then later recanted by the suspect to be 100% worthless as evidence.

  50. Did the cops totally ignore the tall, bald, light-skinned black man with sunglasses, white shirt & a large cross in the party footage? He's in the still shot next to Morgan while the female witness is talking about him.

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