The Loud House | Clyde McBride’s ‘Absent Minded’ Secret 🤫 | Nick

[bell ringing] Principal Huggins, got a second? I always have time for a VIP like you,
Mr. Perfect Attendance! You shouldn’t call me that, Sir. Don’t be so modest, Son. I know what a big deal this award is. You know the last kid to win it,
30 years ago? This good looking guy right here! Actually I er…
just discovered that I er– I’d like to make you
my junior administrator! It’s a lot of responsibility. You’ll raise the flag every day,
help Cheryl with the clerical work, weigh in on the cafeteria menu,
oversee the hall monitors and read the morning announcements! M– m– morning announcements? Well, if you’re going
to stutter like that, you can’t do it. And if all goes well,
who knows, McBride? Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll be sitting
at this… very… desk! [gasping] Lincoln Loud Jr.
please report to the principal’s office! Again… So what do you say? I accept, Sir! [music playing] [horn blowing] Uh, the golf cart?
No way! Just one of the perks
of being Junior Administrator! [tires screeching] Later, Mr. Junior Administrator! Wow, Clyde!
Junior Administrator? So, Principal Huggins didn’t care
that you missed one day of school? Actually, I didn’t tell him. He offered me this job and said
he thinks I could be principal someday! It’s the dream I never knew I had! Do you think less of me
for not being honest? Not at all
and I think you’d make a great principal! Thanks, buddy, I’ll try
not to be too hard on Lincoln Jr. What? [music playing] Mmm-hmm. [slurping] Mmm-hmm, perhaps a bit more oregano. Very good, yes, yes. Looking good, troops! Now, Norm just waxed the floors, so let’s be extra careful
out there, people. Knock ’em dead, sugar! Going live in three, two– [music playing] Good morning, Royal Woods Elementary, this is Junior Administrator
Clyde McBride with today’s announcements! Due to a statewide investigation
into the effects of chalk dust, no erasers are to be clapped
until further notice. I’m so happy you’re here, Clyde! Land sakes, I can sure use the help
with my new project! Digitizing all the student files! Student files?
Does that include attendance records? Well, why wouldn’t it, June bug? [crashing] [screaming] [door slamming] Lincoln, I’ve got a code butterscotch! Cheryl’s digitizing the school records and is going to find out
that your attendance isn’t perfect? – Exactly, but I’ve got a plan!
– I’m in! I’m going back to school
after Principal Huggins and Cheryl leave – to remove my file!
– I’m in! Now, I know it sounds risky and I understand
if you don’t wanna get involved, – I’m in!
– but it would really mean a lot to me– – Wait, did you say you’re in?
– Three times. Oh, you’re the best, buddy. [music playing] Whoa, this could take a while. Well, that took less time
than I thought it would! We did it
and with my file safely in my possession, my little secret is perfectly safe. Now no one will ever know
I lied about my perfect attendance. – Success!
– Success! [mopping] [screaming] What is Norm still doing here? – Do you think he heard what I just said?
– Probably not. He must have,
these halls echo like the Grand Canyon! Now he’s gonna tell Principal Huggins,
who’ll interrogate me and I’ll crumble like a cookie! It’s what I do! There goes the dream
I just discovered I had. OK, take it easy, Clyde. We have to make sure Norm stays quiet! And I know how to do it… [toilet flushing] Toilets are all clean,
how’s it going out here? The soap scum and mildew are almost gone, I think we may be stuck
with the smell forever though. Loud, McBride, are you boys… cleaning? Yep, just thought you
could use a little help! Wow, much appreciated! I haven’t touched this bathroom
since the great flood of 2012! Well, now you don’t have to! And you know what they say, Norm,
I scratch your back, you scratch mine? So, we’re good, right? I ju– scra– you– what? Uh-uh, you don’t have to say anything. You said it all with your eyes. We did it! Now no one will ever know
I lied about my attendance record! Do you think Coach Pacowski
heard what I just said? Probably not. He must have, the acoustics in here
are like Carnegie Hall! Clyde, I really think– We have to make sure
coach stays quiet! And I know how to do it…

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