The ROT, RUST, & REWARD of BOAT Ownership

It’s soaking it’s sopping wet. We’re gonna do this on our own. Yep so what were going to do is dig it all out. All of the rotting wood. You feel successful I can see it in your face. I don’t even know how many
hours I’ve worked on this So this is Stuart in the nighttime Shel also received a new toy or tool as he calls it Previously on searching for C-Shels we
start some important projects while docked in Stuart Florida. We visit some
injured Turtles at the loggerhead Marine Center and we prep the boat for possible
hurricanes. When we said projects at Stuart, we weren’t kidding. Look at this.
All Tollycrafts have this piece of mahogany that is a spacer between the flybridge and the hull sides.
Notoriously they rot out, it’s not a big deal, it’s not structural. But mine is definitely rotted out. On this side, the other side was replaced so on the
advice of a friend, who did it without taking the fly bridge off. We’re going to do this one our own. We’re going to attempt it. What we’re going to do is dig it all out, all of the rotting wood. Then I’m going to get something to template it and push it up. Buy another piece of mahogany, epoxy that mahogany and will saturate it. stick it up and drill it all in again Wow It’s soaking it’s sopping wet. Yes so projects, I’ve already got the inside this won’t happen again because I got the inside
sealed up you know we did that that was project number one I gotta say it was biggest project yet. This is a big job. A lot of clean up has to happen. This is saturated. Gotta say, it was perfectly calm before we started this and of course now that I got this plastic
taped up and doing this, the wind has picked up. We’ll probably get a Thunderstorm. And the wind has taken all of the little bits and have put them all over the
boat so we’ll have to be cleaning up. This is how we get around. On their bikes This is the bus here at Sunset Bay Marina and every
Tuesday They will take you to West Marine Walmart, Publix for groceries and it’s a
great feature not going on in the summer but great for people here in the winter Project Day, I’ll show you what we’re doing
on the side of the flybridge There is a big gap. I’ve got to get this adhesive off. So I’ve removed this the way back to the back of the
flybridge has been removed it is it was all rotten from that far. Now I only
have about six feet from here that I’ve hit some good wood and chisel some
away make a square and get a piece measure all this out, get a piece to fit
up in here and then get some smaller pieces to be able to fit up in here I’ll
glue it up with 4200 screw it in and hopefully it will be good as new take a look – can’t fit you up there time to chisel this away Alright here’s my dilemma. I’ve got one
and three-quarter inch of space in there at the bottom and it narrows up at the
top the original way that they’re Tollycraft had put in there was they had
a 1 inch piece and then a 3/4 inch piece of plywood stuck up at this last bit so
what they did was put the 1 inch piece of board on screwed up before the
flybridge went on and then when they put the flybridge down on they slid a piece of
3/4 inch plywood up in there to screw into and then you know fasteners on the
inside to the side cabin walls and then the flybridge was right through both
pieces of wood. I have a problem because if I put a 1 inch piece up inside I won’t
have enough room to put any screws on the inside wood to fasten to the cabin
side Let me go measure this all up this screw goes in through the
flybridge and through the piece of wood And just comes close to the flybridge cabin
in some cases it goes in just slightly I take a drill bit and go right in here
just drill in maybe a 1/4 of an inch into the flybridge into the cabin wall
side get a quarter of an inch longer screw I can go right through the whole
wood and into the cabin side at least in some spots so that I get a bond with
screw and through whole piece. So now I get one piece of wood and get a bigger screw. Costco, going to get more stuff. We’re getting ready. Yes I ordered
some dry goods They have a great place to get mail here Does he not do anything that you have to take a movie of him when he does it. I take movies all the
time. Take a picture of the two of us. Okay what do you love about Sunset Bay Marina Him. Yup and he’s a character. You
keep everybody laughing around here. The two of us, we have hair. Look at the hair we got.
That’s you only thing we got going for ourselves. Awe, no personality We rent a car here at Sunset Bay Marine
from Richard on Turo and he’s great he comes and he picks us up and drops us
off here at the marina which has been great for us Richard’s coming that’s all we did I think all week I
know what you mean we got the car we’re going to Fort
Pierce to a boat store I think I’m gonna replace, I think you’re gonna
replace my anchor chain. They’ve got a good deal there 200 feet is a dollar
seventy-five dollars $3.75 foot for something that’s really good
first off though I feel naked because I’ve been two weeks without my Maui Jims
so I’ve sent him away to Maui Jim and now I’m going to go get them back brand new. They gave me a brand new pair. Maui
Jim. Ahh I can see again. Optical World the team in there have been awesome they’ve
helped us out a lot and they’ve got Sheldon back with new glasses
we highly recommend them they’ve been very accommodating because they didn’t have make
any money. I didn’t buy my glasses there and I didn’t get my prescription done there I didn’t yeah
I just had a problem with the prescription now I got a new pair
of Maui Jims. Optical World in Stuwart at the Treasure Coast mall The A1A Sheldon. Yup it will take us right up to Fort
Pierce. The National Connection Liquidators Wish I had my buddy Barry around now, he’d love going in here. Yes you guys would have too much fun. chain, chain, chain… Thank-you! So we took the old stuff out.Iit’s thrown away, Oh No
look at this and then this flies around and this is an actual rust that will
stain your decks. Anyways I’m glad we got new chain, expensive but now I see well
worth it hi guys I’ve got the wood put into
the side, it fits perfect. I think I’m gonna be finished this week I’ve got holes
drilled in some places all the way through to the cabin side so it’s gonna
be held firm in place so I have to epoxy this down and put all back together 4200, screw it in and I’m done Epoxy is done also replaced the engine
room floor with plywood the same type of wood that is for strapping for those
supports and all epoxied and bilge painted. I was gonna put starboard down but it was
a bit expensive so I went with the cheaper route, the other stuff lasted 20
something years so this will last as long or more with this covered in epoxy. How is your day going? Good. Just went and got a shower. Did you do as much as I did today? Yes I did some
organization. Did you leave a mess like this? No. What about a mess like that here. No definitely not. You’ll clean it up. You feel successful I
can see it in your face. Yes I’m very pleased. I’ve got some very technical tools just
put the 42 up 4200 up inside baking spatulas at the dollar store
look just be able to put the 4200 on that and put it all the way through
otherwise I don’t know how I would have done I was thinking about doing it with
a pair of latex gloves but I think I would have made a disastrous mess it looks good fits perfect solid so now
I just have to screw the hardware back on on tracks from the underneath fibreglass
piece I am very pleased this is a job complete
and I don’t even know how many hours I’ve worked on this. A good 25-30 hours
planning and everything else is well everything’s back together and all the
trim pieces are back up Good as new. This is Stuart in the nighttime. They
have a lot of restaurants we just left the Marina over here, Sailor’s Return
which will get happening soon. And you just walk the boardwalk and you go down… going to find somewhere to eat. we’ve eaten out a
lot here. It’s just a good place to eat out. Just a lot of restaurants that are
close by and a lot of them are good we’re deciding between like a sushi
noodle curry place or one of our favorites is the Spritz City.
We’ll see where we end up. Let’s go. We need more food How was that? Fantastic. I would have to say. Again we’ve been here
five times but we love it here and this may be our last we are soon heading out of Stuart we managed to pull off some other
projects before our time and Stuart came to an end Shel ran acid through the
cooling system in the engines to clear out marine growth and mineral build-up
to help cool the engine better we also replaced our Rocna vulcan anchor the
original one was showing some signs of rust and Rocna via west marine were
kind enough to replace it with a brand new anchor drop us a comment below if
you have any questions on any of these projects Shel also received a new toy
or tool as he calls it. A new DJI Mavic 2 pro drone. We really did need a new drone,
the splash drone we had before was much better at floating than it ever was at
flying now it’s time to head out back to remote secluded Anchorages in
crystal-clear waters and soft sandy beaches in the Bahamas but first it’s
off to Fort Lauderdale to see the extravagance of the Fort Lauderdale
International Boat Show make sure you subscribe and click the bell to be
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