The Truth About Reality TV and Bar Ownership
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The Truth About Reality TV and Bar Ownership

Hello friends its Dave again Barmetrix
and the talking a little reality TV today reality TVs been really good
for our business it’s exposed our services to the world and that’s been
wonderful and there’s a whole bunch of people out there who have looked at the
inventory audit services liquor audit services and said you know what that’s
brilliant and we’ve done wonderful as a result at the same time there’s another
group of people who have looked at that and said man I don’t need someone
yelling and screaming at me I don’t need people breaking bottles on the floor
chasing my staff away no bueno not interested no thanks and I’ve been
talking to some of my colleagues recently and in almost every new account
this is a conversation that comes up the TV show and did it we wanted to dispel
some notions and it’s probably obvious to everyone that reality TV is not
reality it’s great for ratings but it’s it’s no real-life measure and what we do
is very much the opposite of that it’s incredibly important to us that we lift
up the industry it’s it’s it is one of our core values if not the most
important core value and that we treat our customers like family or better is
how we go that’s that’s our predisposition that’s how we go into all
of our client relationships so we always sort of have to dispel yeah here’s what
we’re not we’re not this and we behave like that and what that looks like is
getting to know you and your business getting you some great data to activate
on working with you on some goal setting where do you want to be we don’t come in
and mandate anything around goals where do you want to be for you and your
business I have clients that want to be at 10% variance I have clients that want
to be at 2% variance where do you want to be? What makes sense for your business?
and for you culturally and what you’ve built and then how do we then take that
information and those action plans and trickle it down to your team and we
engage there too we come in and do all sorts of coaching with bartenders and
managers we invest a lot of time and those folks frankly so you don’t have to
if you happen to be an owner watching this
so we become part of the management team we bring our own tools in and as Sean
Finter always says we are a high value proposition for any business and in
really the beauty of what we do is it’s pretty much guaranteed to pay for itself
it’s not a high-cost item in your business and it drives a ton of data
from purchasing data to loss data to revenue data that you can really act
upon and then you get the consulting guys on top of that so it’s a really
great deal but we have to overcome some of these stereotypes and these stigmas
that have been created through these reality TV shows I don’t know no I don’t
know about you guys but I watch some of these TV shows and I’m mortified how
these guys act and and yeah the name guys the guys that we all know who shall
rename name who shall remain nameless I’m like man there’s so much drama in
this industry already I think that the the reality TV shows stuff is great for
people who aren’t in the industry who are sort of interlopers and like
looking in on it what I really hope and I think it’s true
I think we’re all smarter than to take our leadership cues from those TV shows
or we wouldn’t be in business long but I just don’t think it’s healthy frankly I
don’t think it’s a healthy example for what to do and not to do from a
leadership perspective I guess that’s a different conversation and the horse is
well out of the barn on that but I did want to take just a few minutes and
dispel some of the the notions that you may have out there about how we behave
from a and and frankly probably any company in our position doesn’t
necessarily benefit from that stigma so if you want to learn more about what we
do you can find us at there’s a wealth of information there
you can find more of my videos on YouTube – Dave Nitzel – so follow and like
you can also track me down on LinkedIn and Facebook if you’re interested so
appreciate your time and your consideration and don’t take your cues
from reality TV catch you next time

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