They Are Billions – The New Empire – Official Trailer

Year 2260 We will never know what happened… It was more than two centuries ago… When those humans sowed the seeds of their own destruction. And left us with a legacy of terror… For all of them are now the monsters of our nightmares… How ironic that they ended up like this! I am Quintus Crane, your leader, your savior. I founded the New Empire, and the City that now shelters you… And now, the time has come… To no longer live hidden like rats, behind the walls of the Great Crater… It’s time to face our monsters… Time to go out into the world… And reconquer it For the glory of humankind For the glory of the New Empire! Numantian Games presents They Are Billions – The New Empire Found new colonies in devastated lands Destroy the swarms of infected Explore the old human fortresses And use their technology to evolve your colonies But, above all… Don’t let them in They Are Billions – The New Empire Available on 18th June 2019

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