Tokyo Home | Inside Today’s Modern Traditional Japanese House
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Tokyo Home | Inside Today’s Modern Traditional Japanese House

100 thoughts on “Tokyo Home | Inside Today’s Modern Traditional Japanese House

  1. A Japanese family needs to adopt me to be their grandma….just don't ask me to take care of the kids or cook…I'll be in my room or having a tea party

  2. It's a beautiful house. Why are there so many of the little dolls though? Are they put there so that Grand Mom doesn't feel lonely? Or is it just her own personal style? Thanks.

  3. You are so cute about the washer dryer combo it's only 4 hours oh my gosh I would rather hang my clothes up to dry like most of the Japanese people to hang their clothes to dry which is what I do here in America and washing and drying shouldn't take 4 hours which this machine is probably not vented to the outside which also makes it take longer wow

  4. I have to say your intenation when you speak is childlike and just weird for an adult male to do. It's kinda …annoying

  5. Thank you for posting all about Japan someday I will be able to go it’s definitely on my bucket list and I was wondering I’m so curious to know what other appliances they have there that are so different like this washer and dryer in one nothing like my stacked unit I have at home.

  6. Wonder if you can get them to build you a house like that outside Japan… also wonder how affordable that house is.

  7. Love all the clean lines and functional storage……….. But it isn't really all that eco-friendly. To put it mildly. Dunno why that surprises me, but it does.

  8. How does grandma get up from the table with the sunken and heated floor yet worried about the height of cupboard space for linens so she wont hurt her back?

  9. Hello from Scotland 👋 This is a lovely home with such great space. I love the separate fish grill! That's a winner! I love seeing diffrent styles of housing 😊Thanks for sharing.

  10. My eyes are bigger than my wallet. Gotta have that washer dryer. And the sauna would be nice too.
    Very classy, thanks for sharing.

  11. Anyone else read the prices in the description and thinking that the house is expensive? I like to point out that the house is a multi-million dollars…

  12. That house is so amazing, but the the best part is YOU! =D You’re so adorable ; will you marry me? 😉

  13. I have been trying to imagine how I am going to make my home look someday and after watching this video I have a much better vision of what I like! This home is beautiful and so luxurious with all the warm colors and accessories! Not to mention the inspiration from the traditional style architecture and furniture is incredible! I love the yards too and how everything has a place where you can put it away! Even the oven!

  14. Cool!! I like many things about the home but I believe all Japanese people are healthy, in the joints, because I would not be able to sit on the floor. I wouldn't be able to get up every time lol ❤

  15. Doing a project on Japanese houses for my Japanese class! This video and your other videos are so helpful!! Thank you so much!! Subscribing to learn more about Japanese culture!

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