Top 23 Lori & Bobby Moments in The Loud House ๐Ÿ’‘ | #TBT

– Boo boo bear!
– Babe! Hey, hey, Lori, I found your phone! – Gimme that!
– Three… Two… One… Hello? Oh, hi, Bobby. No, I didn’t text you to call me
but I’m glad you did. I can’t wait
for our anniversary date this Friday. I’m counting down the minutes. – 4320!
– 4320! [laughing] Oh, we are so clearly soul mates. I literally don’t know what I would do
without you in my life. No, I love you more, silly! It’s our six weekaversary. You two are like gonna be together
for like… ever! Bobby! Here, babe,
I brought you something special. Aww. It’s the milkshake from our first date,
six weeks ago! Coming through, literally! This is supposed to be
the most romantic restaurant in town. You literally eat in complete darkness. Ooh, trendy! [music playing] Hey, babe, I found us a free table. Ugh, get off me! Sorry, sir… or ma’am with a deep voice. Lori, would it kill you
not to talk to Bobby all the time? I do not talk to Bobby all the time! Do I, Bobby? – Hi, boo boo bear.
– Hey, babe. – Sorry I missed your– oh, you go!
– Sorry I missed your– oh, you go! Hey, babe!
Look, I won you these! Thanks for being so cool
about me hanging with Lincoln. You know, all my life,
I’ve always wished I had a brother and now I feel like I’ve got one! It’s like Lincoln completes me,
sorry, what were you gonna say? Er… nothing, I mean,
go finish your game, boo boo bear. Thanks, babe. – Wow, table blankets, pretty romantic.
– I know, isn’t it? [laughing] – Oh, look, they’re getting along!
– Oh, Bobby boo boo bear! Hot frog tamales, coming through! [music playing] Bobby, look,
it’s your beautiful devoted girlfriend! She came all this way to see you! Wow, babe, this is the best day ever! First I get a sticker gun
and now you’re here! [sobbing] Ugh, it’s been 20 minutes,
I’m calling it! [groaning] It’s only two days
then everything’s back to normal! Two days! [sobbing] [crashing] – Bobby!
– Lori! – I’ll think of you every minute!
– Every second! [sobbing] I’m sorry, boo boo bear but there’s just no way
I can live in the city! But what about our plans? We’re supposed to go
to college here together! That was before I fell in a manhole! [sobbing] Aw, babe, life isn’t always easy here but once you get the hang of it,
it’s really great and I know you’re gonna love it! Thanks, Bobby, I feel a lot better. Hey, babe, I’m making a video
of my life at the bodega so you can feel like you’re here with me! Here’s my Lori shrine,
right next to the lotto tickets ’cause you’re good luck! Hey, babe, it’s Bobby again. Should our couple name be Bori or Lobby? Save! – Boo boo bear, guess where I am!
– Babe, guess where I am! – Dang it, ugh, this isn’t working!
– Dang it, ugh, this isn’t working! – We need to be together!
– We need to be together! – Boo boo bear!
– Babe! – Oh, you’re so cold!
– I just got outta the dairy case! Come see my latest improvement
to the bodega! I organized the money
so all the presidents face the same way! You’re such a businessman! I can’t believe
you still drove all this way, especially after
what you’ve been through! Oh, babe,
I would drive to the moon for you. Ta-da! A one on one dinghy date! – Sort of.
– Wow, just like the dream boat! – It’s so romantic, babe!
– I know, because we’re so romantic! I mean, we literally have
such a great connection! – Don’t you think?
– Totally! OK, boo boo bear,
the fire department’s on their way! Oh, I hope they get here soon! You know how terrified I am
of confined spaces! Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay on the phone with you
until they get here. Oh, thanks, babe! Oh, and last week for dinner,
my dad tried this new thing with cod! Cool, like fish sticks
or more of a fillet situation? OK, so would you rather give up
all cheeses or all deserts? OMG, hmm, tough one. I know, right? – Because what about cheesecake?
– Cheesecake? [laughing] [sighing] – This is so nice.
– And so easy! I’m really gonna miss you, boo boo bear but I’m so excited
about our future together! Me too, babe! I’ll be counting down the days
until I see you again! As will I! [laughing]

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