Top 9 Loud House Conspiracy Theories πŸ€” The Loud House | Nick
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Top 9 Loud House Conspiracy Theories πŸ€” The Loud House | Nick

You are about to travel
to a dimension of the unexplained. I’m in the wrong dimension! A place where curiosity reigns supreme,
and we make a lot of wild guesses. You’ve just entered the Nickel-O-Zone! Loud House edition! Question number nine. Lincoln’s white hair. Why does this 11 year old boy
have hair like the driven snow? As you can see, none of his sisters
share his fascinating follicles. – I’ve gotten a raw deal in this house!
– You mean your white hair? It’s nice,
it makes you look like pop pop. It’s already been established
that he was not adopted. Oh, Lincoln, of course you’re our son! Some fans have theorized
he may actually be old. Really old. Maybe even older than Mr. Grouse. But then again,
we really don’t have any idea. I don’t care! Question number eight, where is Lucy? It’s a well known fact that Lucy Loud
can appear and surprise her siblings at any place and time. [screaming] [screaming] What we don’t know is how she moves
so quietly and efficiently. Does she have teleportation powers? Could she actually be
from the great beyond? Observe this photograph. Lucy Loud is identical
to her great-great-great grandmother. This has led some paranormal experts
to believe she’s actually a ghost. Hey, Lucy, do you wanna go
ghost-hunting with me? Why would I want to hunt my friends? However, paranormal experts
have also seen Elvis on a piece of toast. So it’s a good guess
but there’s no way of knowing. Question number seven,
Lana’s iron stomach. Lana Loud has been known
to eat everything from dog biscuits to straight up garbage. [music playing] Does she possess super human digestion? Or could she be a reptile? She has been known
to lounge with lizards in the past. But hey, we’re just guessing here. [whistling] [croaking] Question number six, Lisa’s intellect. Lisa Loud is a four year old girl. However, she reads on a PHD level, has a full understanding
of quantum physics and could possibly be
the smartest person ever. By combining super magnets,
nuclear fission and banana peels, one can produce the necessary energy
to open a wormhole large enough for a human being
to pass through. Boom, time travel. But how did she get so smart? Some people believe
she’s a super intelligent alien from another planet. The true answer may never be known. It’s not easy being a research scientist in a household populated by uncouth,
disorderly siblings. Question number five, Lori’s text convos. What are Lori and Bobby
really talking about? I do not talk to Bobby all the time! Do I, Bobby? Not so much an unexplained phenomenon,
I’m just really interested in gossip. I texted Bobby
a series of romantic emojis. Question number four, Luna’s family band. Luna Loud already has
a storied music career. But where does this ability come from? It has been concluded that it definitely
does not come from her parents! Heaven help us. Legend has it,
her guitar has mystical qualities that have given her
a superhuman ability to shred. But, hey… once again,
we have zero evidence. [screaming] [music playing] Question number three, pet project. The Loud House pets are very cute. But are they also
super intelligent animals plotting to enslave the human race? There have been reports of them
understanding the human language. Green Mile Pet Sanctuary,
this is Schmitty, how may I help you? Working as a team. And creating elaborate plans. Either way, a guess is a guess,
but I’d still like to cuddle them. Don’t do that to mama! Question number two, pied and seek. Luan Loud is the queen of pranks. Her signature move, a pie in the face! But where do the pies come from? How does one hide a pie? And when does she have the time
to make all these pies? How is she buying the ingredients
for these pies? I feel like I’m saying pie too much. One theory is
that she’s actually a millionaire, using her revenue from viral videos
and her company, Funny Business, to fund her elaborate pranks. Luan Out Loud’s comedy channel. Cute, but how many people
wanna watch Luan– 50,000 followers! Again, we’re grasping at straws,
we have no idea. I’d say this prank’s
a little over your heads! [laughing] Question number one, the multiverse. The Louds live in the beautiful town
of Royal Woods. But could this town exist
in parallel dimensions? Lincoln has seemingly travelled
to an alternate reality where all of his sisters are brothers. Hmm, this doesn’t look
like a different dimension. That is literally L-O-L. Hurry up, Lonny, time to go! Woah, Loki, who moved the doorway? I’m ready, brah! Let’s rock! I wouldn’t miss it! Ha ha, good one, Mrs. Coconuts! This was dismissed as a nightmare. But was the parallel universe
actually a real place? Am I actually real? Is this all a simulation? Why do we park in the driveway
but drive on the parkway? These are things we may never know! Comment below
with your unexplained questions and we may uncover the truth
when we revisit… the Nickel-O-Zone!

100 thoughts on “Top 9 Loud House Conspiracy Theories πŸ€” The Loud House | Nick

  1. Lincoln loud my brother having a nightmare of ten brothers and sisters and Lincoln had been bad luck and I don't like being bad luck what happened on this episode of no such Luck Sleuth or Consequences Green house Space Invaders Yes Man Brawl in the Family Study Muffin Relative Chaos Save the date Heavy Meddle Chore and peace House Music Novel Idea Cereal Offender The Loudest Yard One Flu over the loud house on nickelodeon any of the episodes what happened to Lincoln loses call dibs on everything what they don't like to do and many other things that made me cross grumpy mad upset and very furious and my face turn dark red burning.

  2. I think I know why Lincoln has white hair you know ritas dad is pa pa right he has white hair right and he made her with her Blood like pa pa and her mom and make this is her cuz she got pregnant with pa pas blood and that’s why he has white her cuz of pa pa

  3. Please do a loud house reference of happy tree friends😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  4. Oh my GOODNESS! Why does no one understand? Lincoln has his hair from his grandpa! The other theories I don't know.

  5. Well, if the Louds learned about every misunderstanding, Lincoln's sisters will finally get a chance to be with him and become a proud family. 😁

  6. Fun fact the nickel o zone is actually a old Nickelodeon program that aired in the 19s and 20s but sadly got canceled and nickelodeon used the same name for this

  7. Harriet and Jack look like Lucy and Lincoln because it's tv show logic for main characters too have relatives that look exactly like them.
    I made up a name for Lynn Srs dad.It's Scimmy and I like to think that he and Harriet knew each other but he hit on her too much and made bad jokes that she was weak and men are better so she became independent and eventually found true love.

  8. What if Leni and Lisa's brains were switched. Leni would have the dumb side and Lisa's the smart side anyway just a theory.

  9. β€œThere are some conspiracies that cannot be foretold. And some that should be open for some quite time. Here are the β€œTop 9 Loud House Conspiracy Theories”.”

  10. A guy that's real smart it's fake it's a cartoon it's not actually real maybe the other really really little kids but it's all fake it's a smart guy or girl that learned really hard in school it's all fake and that is they just don't have enough time to like put the put her in some places it it's fiction

  11. Actually Lincoln just has(a rare condition)albinism,
    Which as you know,(or should know) is skin condition that a few animals can have that cause their scales,fur,or skin to become white cause the lack of melanism prevents the growth of colour and that same thing happens to our hair if we are born with albinism.But we lose our melanism as we age,hence why people who are older end up with white or light gray hair.

  12. If there are actual parallel universes in The Loud House, I hope one of them has Lincoln as a girl with 10 brothers, which is still way ether than just seeing Lincoln as a boy with 10 brothers.

  13. My thoery is that there are 2 Clyde's
    In the episode farm boys it's confirmed that clyde get's
    Stomach aches when lying but in the episode in
    Titled game boy clyde has no problem lying to lincoln

  14. 0:33
    Your not adopted
    Your mother just cheated and had a child with that man from the hiking, group isn't that right, STEPHANIE!

  15. That would be cool if Lucy was a πŸ‘».
    It reminds me of the end of Ninjago season 5 episode 48 β€œThe Temple on Haunted Hill” when Cole became a πŸ‘».

  16. Does The Loud House stink at telling story arcs? Take the Casagrande Arc for instance. It had NO PLOT!

  17. Here is my prediction for a Loud House Television Multiverse:
    β€’ The Loud House
    β€’ The Casagrandes
    My ideas:
    β€’ Ace Savvy & The Full House Gang – Starring Lincoln Loud as Ace Savvy
    β€’ The Loud Boys – Focusing on Linka and her brothers.
    β€’ Young LoudBooke – Set in the 80s, focusing on 11 year olds Lynn Loud (Dad) and Rita Booke (Mom)
    β€’ The Next Loud House – Set 30 years in the future, focusing on Lincoln & Ronnie Anne's kids, Toby & Rochelle

    What do y'all think?

  18. 3:49 β€œEat this!” (reference to Macaulay Culkin shredding in β€œBlack Or White”)🎸

  19. πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½
    πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½ πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½
    πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ­. πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½

  20. ANSWERS:
    1: There are conditions that causes white hair that can affect kids.
    2: She's a normal kid. As shown in "Spell it Out", no one notices her, and that's why everyone gets scared by her.
    3: She's probably been eating stuff like that her whole life, and has built up some immunity. Some people have strong stomachs.
    4: Some people are born with a higher intelligence and a passion for learning. Lisa is just a VERY gifted child.
    5: I don't even know why this is on the list. She's a typical teen that likes to talk. Simple as that.
    6: A super guitar? Really? Like #4, some kids also like music from the very beginning. With practice, anyone can play guitar.
    7: Animals are smarter than you think. And it's a cartoon. Not a big deal.
    8: Millionaire? Yeah, right. Pranks don't cost that much. And she has all year to save up for April 1st.
    9: It's a realistic show. It's only a nightmare. If it were a real dimension, we would have heard more about this.

  21. I actually move just as quietly as Lucy. My boyfriend and my family joke about me having teleportation powers. πŸ˜„

  22. First question:
    Probably a weird thing in genetics. It's like White Tigers. Their fur turns white due to pigment gene or something being missing. It's really really quite rare, but it makes sense. Maybe it was a genetic mutation, like being Albino. Lincoln is probably just Albino.

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