Tour This Spacious DIY Tiny House with Transforming Furniture

>>MAT: Hey everyone in this video, we’re touring a bright and spacious DIY tiny house. It has some really neat space-saving furniture designs, a beautiful Chevron wood floor, and even a mini bathtub. It was built by a young French couple and they lived and traveled in it during their maternity leave. They’re ready to start a new project now, so they’re actually putting up the tiny house for sale. But before it goes, we wanted to give you a full tour of this wonderful build. Let’s go check it out. [Music Playing]>>MATHIEU: Amelie and myself built the tiny house ourselves and we wanted to do this because for us it was a challenge. We took some courses to work wood and we really enjoyed it and we also wanted to have a second home, a vacation home. We built it during a year and a half and Amelie’s father really helped us to build it. It’s a 24 feet long tiny house, which is made by 2×4 wood structure supported with a metal arch that we had because here in the winter there’s a lot of snow. So we wanted the roof to be solid. So it’s a 13 feet high and 8 feet wide. [Music Playing] Here we have the living room, with the sofa that we made that can be turned into a bed. So you have three parts. You can have the modulation that you want. You can make it like a sofa for a L shape sofa or make a second bed. You just need a mattress in the second part and then this is the dining room part so we had copper string here and you can take the cable and put it like this. Here you have your dining table. [Soft Music Playing] We have a dining table that can flip up and that is supported by a wire which is supported by a copper pipe. The advantage is that we can just sit under the table without being bothered by the feet of the table. So the stairs, we wanted to have stairs first because we have a child and the ladder would be too dangerous for us and we wanted somewhere to have a lot of light. So the frame of the stairs were custom welded. The advantage is that one of the kitchen counter is actually one of the stairs. So to gain some space and the three first steps can move and become a ladder or become a chair, whatever you want. We heat the tiny house with this Newport propane heater which is really nice that people can see often in other tiny house. It works well and it heats well. It works with just a propane tank which is at the front of the house and there’s a cable which is in the walls and comes through here. We also cook with propane and we heat water with propane which goes into the kitchen sink and into the shower. About the water system of the tiny house, we have under the sink a big water tank which works with the 12-volt pump and an accumulator and to fill the tank you just go outside and there’s a valve on the outside of the house. The grey water goes out directly under the shower or outside the house where there is a pipe. The two pipes goes into one and then it goes to the grey tank, the greywater tank. At the front of the house, you have the utility cabinet. Through this, you have the plugs to power the house and also the propane and water heater. So you can plug the house with wire and then it goes into here. It’s like in a house. You have the choice. You can have 30 or 15 amps. Under this, you have storage where we can put some clothes and this is the second big storage of the house. You can put some clothes and here is where you can put a fridge. [Music Playing]>>AMELIE: We wanted the kitchen to feel as spacious as possible. So we didn’t install any upper cabinets and instead we put in these two large windows to take advantage of the beautiful views. The countertop is made of bamboo because it was the simplest option that we found at the time, and it’s lightweight. We chose a deep sink which allowed to hide more dishes inside. We have a lot of storage. The kitchen is very big, as big as a full-sized apartment kitchen. The cupboards aren’t just for dishes. We also put the freshwater tank under the counter. There’s a pocket door for the bathroom which made room for this small storage space for toiletries and bathroom items. For the shower, we used a mini bathtub so we didn’t need a shower door. We used a shower curtain instead of a shower door. It was also very practical to have a bathtub for our baby. We chose a dry toilet for practical and environmental reasons. It looks like this. It separates liquids and solids. [Music Playing] The ceiling height in the loft allows us to sit up in bed. We also have storage in this cantilevered space we built. We also built some smaller storage behind the bed and that also gives us something to lean against in bed for reading and taking in the views from up here, even in the morning. We chose the window size not only for the look but also for practical reasons. There was a fire a few years ago so we wanted to plan for that and make sure we could get out quickly through the windows. We also have fire extinguishers on both levels. When we were traveling in here with our baby, we even had a sling to lower him down in case of a fire. So we took a lot of safety precautions. We even chose stone wool insulation because it’s fire resistant and doesn’t help spread fire. So even our insulation choice was strategic.>>MATHIEU: After having built the house, we bought a big truck to take it on the road and we traveled throughout Quebec for three months. We did almost 5000 kilometers with it. It was really nice and we took our baby who was really young at the time and we went to see some friends that we knew on the road.>>AMELIE: In terms of the design, we wanted the cleanest look so that’s why almost everything is white and we have some wood accents to warm up the space. The parquet floor has a Chevron pattern for a bit of texture. And as a kind of Pinterest accent, we used copper pipes. They are useful to hang curtains, the shower curtain and to support our dining room table. We used leather strips as handles on the kitchen cabinets and drawers in the tiny house.>>MATHIEU: The exterior siding of the house is in cedar. We wanted to use a natural product. Cedar is ideal for this. We made the roof with something called Onduvilla. It is a product that has been made especially for zones where you have a lot of wind. Where you have a risk of hurricane. It’s perfect to take it on the road and it also has a good look. One of the most important thing for us was the lighting into the house because it’s a small place. So we wanted a lot of light to make it bigger but it was also a challenge for us during the construction, especially with the patio door. So we installed a steel bar on top of it to be more solid. So in the house, we have two windows in the loft, five in the house and one big patio door. [Music Playing]>>MAT: I hope you enjoyed touring this tiny house. Like I mentioned at the beginning, Mathieu and Amelie are selling their tiny home. So if you want to check that out, I’ll put a link in the description below. Please share this video if you liked it. Thanks for watching and see you next time.

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