Tvs apache RTR 200 4v | ownership review | good and bad things ! (2018)

hello guyzz rt200 4v , let me state something before going to start 4 type of versions 1 , carb , 2 carb with pirilli tyre fi with abs , and optional abs carb only means standard, carb with pirlli tyre next version of it fuel injection is third version top model is with fi with abs these are the 4 models where the bike coming with u know every spec of this bikes waste of time , spending to say about the spec so , i ve asked them , am going to share that lets go in this bike price coming with, 92k carb , carb with pirillityre , fi , fi with abs these bikes are comming with different type of prices maximum price is 1 lakh 10k the bike comes with 40kmpl no no it going to be happen , only 38 in carb , in fi 39 is comming this bike comes with 197.75cc , 20bhp pwer with 18nm torgue if you consider only 200 cc comes with 24.7bhp, in duke 200 24.9 which is 25 bhp duke 200 have 137 top speed , in rs200 151km/h, the major difference without lock , next thing rtr 200 4v is comming with 200cc bike comes with 20bhp this might be good thing for engine saver next thing is oil cooled what is oil cooled oil comes out and it will cooled by outer atmosphere, while bike running this is long procees takes time am not going to confuse guyzz next thing the optional abs normal brakes also available with optional all tail lights are comming with led lets see the tyre size and talk about the demerits tyre comming with 90/80 rear with 130/70, same rs200 so , no difference normal tyre is very worst angle pirilli tyres are awsome , next thing telescopic , suspension

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