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UK Property Investing For Beginners | Samuel Leeds

100 thoughts on “UK Property Investing For Beginners | Samuel Leeds

  1. It's so awesome to see how much The Lord is blessing you Samuel and how much your influence is growing.

    I can't wait to come down to one of your crash course events as soon as I can and network with more awesome people.

    Grace and peace be multiplied to you, your family and your business in the knowledge of Him (Jesus).

  2. can you hear her screaming….Noo… wondered that far away from the house you xant hear a thing…she.s having the baby.

  3. Second video I watched on this guy. Just genuinely comes across like a modest and decent fella marketing in a mate style way. Like the guy. Subscribed and hope to. No will plan to attend an event with your sir.

  4. Been watching a few of these property videos lately and I have to say that I really enjoyed this one and found it very inspiring, keep it up.

  5. Hi! Great video. I have lived and worked most of my adult life overseas and now at 58, want to come home to the UK to live and intend to go into property investment as a business. Please advise on how I can go about doing so.

  6. 1. get a good social circle
    2. Don't be intimidated
    3. coffee trick, just grab coffee with people that are a bit ahead of you.
    4. Do not quit your job. Keep a fulltime job. will make it easier to get loans and keeps you away from vices
    5. write down the goals and tell them your goal. Aim the bow high, the arrow always falls down.
    6. Invest in yourself first (read some books, rich dad poor dad, richest man in Babylon, his book courses
    7. Do whatev it takes (the info is out there)

    Quite uselss I needed more technical stuff.

  7. Hi Samuel, I invested in your book on Amazon and have been completely blown away by it. Unfortunately the email you provided in the book about emailing you regarding details of your broker doesn’t work. How can I get these details please?

  8. I've read all the books you mentioned but have no property yet hahaha. Don't overthink things! That would be my advice.

    However, my issue is funds. Right now I'm studying and don't have a pot to piss in, but would absolutely love to get into property. I've been interested for years and have read many books (as mentioned) and will defiantly do this eventually 🙂

  9. Can someone please advise on what I should do with the property I own with my brother please ? Our parents bought us a flat about 10 years ago. We owe £177k to the bank and the property is worth about £320k. I suggested using the equity to get another property. He doesn’t want to do that as he wants to make me sell the property so he can take his £65-70k and Buy his own place. Should I ….

    1. Remortgage the flat and Buy him out?
    2. Do as he wishes and sell the flat and get a place of my own and wait for equity to build on my own place.
    3. Tell him to piss off and I’m not selling.

    I want the best possible outcome for us both. Please advise. Thanks

  10. Just reading Rich dad poor dad now and its given me a completely different outlook on money. Love your enthusiasm.

  11. Hey so just this year I realized that property development is what I want to do but I am 17 and I'm planning on going to college and I need help because I'm not sure how to start, so if you can please respond or if I can contact you that would be great.

  12. Great content. You are very undervalued and will go far. Thank you for your help I have found this very inspiring. I will be watching many more of your vids. Keep it up.

  13. I love when vids made by truly successful people don't start with : I'm here in my garage,…. showing of his new Lambo in the background….
    Great tips Samuel, keep it up!

  14. Wow! Samuel I just wanna keep looking at your cheerful and smiling face! You are a true breath of fresh air. I hope you do better and better, with that kind of character you deserve it 100%

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  16. Great points in here. Love your message. I'm trying to help people in a similar fashion in London, Canada.
    Would love to do a collab video. Feel free to reach out on instagram @mikerosehart or my channel.

  17. Samuel I've been watching your videos for quite a while now. I just found out that there is a conference this weekend in London and it's completely sold out. We live in London too. I know this is a cheeky message. But if there's any way me and my partner could possibly attend please try to email me back. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. My email is [email protected]

  18. I think You are the first educator to mention The richest man in Babylon. Love the book.
    (not like ever, but this is the first time i hear about if from someone)

  19. Hi Samuel, accidentally found your channel and everything you said were spot on just like every leading wealthy investors and also my mentor. I went out there and applied every strategies that I can think of about 6 months ago and I finally got my 1st property under contract 🙂. I will be closing on the Jan 21st. It is near a lake too. I'm already getting an instant equity.

  20. Just been watching a few videos from your channel and I must say, this is a Really under rated channel where you, Samuel, provide valuable, transparent and extremely good information that resonates with anyone looking to go into property investing. Loves your enthusiasm and your interest in teaching others definitely comes through. I am 20 years old and am thankful to have come across this type of investing as well as your channel. I am in the UK at the moment and would be extremely keen at the prospect of potentially meeting you and discussing your journey as well as my own. Please see your inbox.

  21. Happen to know any females in the business? I'm 24 years old, watched my mum my entire life and helped her since i was a child with little bits of DIY, I love getting my hands dirty and seeing the results of my own work, desperate to go into property maintenance asap but a little intimidated being a young female… (of the men, not the work!)

  22. Thanks for this advise.
    New follower here from the Philippines.
    Praying to start real estate to earn for ministry=)

  23. U R the guy, half way through the video I thought you were going to far, glad your wife was fine when you returned. One of the best videos I ever watched.

  24. Im 16 y and I love real estate. Have looked at SOOO many videos about real estate the last 2 years. It began from looking at ’million dollar listening new york.’ Im so tired of school because the only thing we learn is rocksience ( btw I live in Sweden). So exited to do real stuff and get something back on what you have put time in. If someone can just hook me up and save me from just waiting to get out of school that would ment the world to me!! IM BEGGING YOU PLEASE!!!

  25. Samuel. Love the video! Love the fact you put yourself out there into networking groups and surrounded yourself with successful people. It’s not an easy thing to do! This video interested me because it’s related to property and business! Keep up the good work

  26. Love Samuel Leeds. Found your channel a week ago and watched half the videos already. Keep them coming Sam!

  27. I really like your videos. I’m want to start property investment. I have spent few months reading books and watching videos and nothing is that easy.

    I’m leaving in Brighton with my wife – no paying rent for house no mortgage.

    My salary is around £27.000 a year

    I have £30.000 savings ( been saving for 1 year with my wife ) and I want to buy to let a studio flat for £160.000. ( I want buy flat only under my name for a moment – my wife already been first time buyer and she been froud years back and her credit score is not good)

    First of all I need 25% deposit second : bank want let me only £120.000.

    Any advice?

  28. Hey Sam I’m 17, really inspired have no idea where to start, I think a good place would be to go for a coffee some time? 🙂

  29. Great video Sam as usual I’m booked onto your DFE so iv putting the action in my dream and goal is to own multiple buy to let’s instead of just hoping I’m now thinking I will do it !!! Thanks Sam u are my GURU 😎😎

  30. Your right people don’t want to help you.❤️❤️❤️❤️👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🙏🙏🙏 thank you sooooo much for the advice

  31. Your vibe, the way you explain, its just amazing. Hope you accomplish everything you want in life Samuel!

  32. Wisdom personified! thank you! I wish I knew this when I was a lot younger, but, better late than never, I guess.

  33. My question would be how much net income you actually get from your properties alone (not including revenue from your events, videos and books)? I mean take away bank costs estate agent and all other bills and costs; including tenant damage and losses and properties taking months to inhabit/sell and all that…What is your net income?

  34. Ive got a full time job and still cant afford a house.. this is just for people that have money or that live with parents

  35. Nice. Thanks.
    It is very important to have help, support from even one person in doing anything that is outside of your comfort zone. I am lucky to have founds few people in life that helped me in few things.

    Nice work mate!

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