University of Wisconsin-Madison Real Estate Capstone Class Explores Green Development Opportunities
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University of Wisconsin-Madison Real Estate Capstone Class Explores Green Development Opportunities

The Main Street Project is an
opportunity to revitalize a neighborhood that may have been forgotten or its
going through a significant change. I got involved with this project through
Tom Landgraf’s class, Green Development and the owner of the building actually
reached out to professor Landgraf too get the students’ help in figuring out
an idea, a feasible solution for this project. Well, the Main Street Projects were in a
category of local real estate development opportunities that we could
expose students to. It gave the students an opportunity to go out and visit the
real estate, talk to the local government officials and in some cases talk to the
building owner who were struggling with what to do with the property. So that’s
how I got involved in the project and and the rest of my classmates got
involved in the project. The majority of them were in smaller communities; Fond Du Lac, Manitowoc, Grayslake, Belleville, Wisconsin, closer to Madison. So we initially kind of brainstorm the various different perspectives that we
needed to basically attack a solution and come up with a feasible solution
going forward. And the bigger picture is more than just a piece of real estate.
Anybody who’s done real estate knows that you have to deal with communities,
you have to deal with neighbors, have to deal with lenders, have to deal with
regulators whether its zoning issues or environmental issues. A project like this, in a city like this, it doesn’t… you
can’t just attack it from one perspective, so it was great to work with like different students from various different masters programs
on this campus, to really kind of lean on their
expertise. I definitely think it enhance my educational experience since
it was so hands on. It really made my learning experience really real! I think
that in general with Wisconsin idea sets the University apart and
I’m just really fortunate to have had the opportunity to be in a class that
really reactivated that whole entire concept. I think that it’s an awesome,
awesome way to just to conduct education and for students to really think about
going forward, even as we continue to graduate, how to give back to
the community with the knowledge that we have. As we continue to learn, how can we
use our knowledge to really improve those communities that may not have the
resources at their fingertips.

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