Vanessa, family member of resident at Arden House, Hamden, CT

My name is Vanessa. My mom is a resident here at the Arden House for the past three years. She suffers from dementia and
Alzheimer’s; that requires 24 hours care that we were not able to provide that at
home. We chose Arden House because I only lived two and
a half miles from here. It’s very convenient for me.
The facility is great; the people here are really caring. I don’t understand why
they have to choose to cut the budgets on those that really need it.
These people were once like you and me they have a life…they go to work…they
pay their taxes; but because of their aging, it’s inevitable for anybody. It’s
like you go in and remove them from the home and evicted them out of their home;
and I don’t think that’s right. I think to me that’s a very heartless decision.
What about these people that when this place closes down, you think that able to
go out there and able to find another job? They will be on in the
unemployment line collecting and is that good for the state? And I want them to
know that how do they feel if I come to their home and kick them out and say you
know what, you don’t have a home anymore… I’m here every night when I see when I
come in and I see how clean my mom is how well she is and to me, that means
more than anything else. When we get older, we start to decline and we will go
back to to the child state and you imagine that if you take your children
somewhere else from where they they are used to and moved and relocate
them, you see the reaction you see how they feel; they get depressed because
they’re no longer with their friends They are no longer with with the
familiar place. My mother wouldn’t be any different or any of the resident would
be any different. They’ve bonded with each other
so how devastating for them, and I can only see the words if this place
closed down I want the Governor Lamont to hear that
it will be very difficult for me to see this place close; I would like
to see the state to continue supporting this place, to keep this place open… Not just for my mom but for the people who work here and for myself I want him to
look into his heart – to picture himself in my situation; in my mom’s
situation and think before he acts.

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