Verifying ownership of a Google Sites site in Webmaster Tools
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Verifying ownership of a Google Sites site in Webmaster Tools

>> Let me show you how to verify a site with
Webmaster Tools. To begin, let me first add my site into my
Webmaster Tools account. [pause] To verify my site, use the “meta tag” option.
Copy the meta tag given. [pause] With Google Sites, click “Site settings” and
then “Other stuff”. Copy in the meta tag in the Webmaster Tools
verification box below… [pause] …and click “Save changes”. [pause] Back in Webmaster Tools, I can now click “Verify”. [pause] And voila, I have successfully verified my
Google Site page with Webmaster Tools.

22 thoughts on “Verifying ownership of a Google Sites site in Webmaster Tools

  1. I 'm sure they've left out something about "Verifying " and if your a google engineer just grab any body close and see if they can do it without you telling them that one thing you left out of the directions..or is this really just a money making scam you got going with go-daddy ????

  2. I can't make it to work!
    I'm trying to verify a google apps site, but It doesn't give me the meta TAG that in the video appears as <meta name="verify v1"
    It gives me a TAG that begins with <meta name="google-site-verification"
    Please!! why doesn'e it work??

  3. I have not get any solution by this. i want to map my main domin to google site .
    any body can help me for the same.

  4. Cool video, but they changed the layout of Google Sites! Now the other stuff option doesn't exist, but you can find the option on the left side menu.

  5. Google and Google Employees who work at google ASSume that each Google Sites user is an MIT Computer Science Grad. I have built 10 sites in google and spent nearly 40 hours trying to figure out how to "VERIFY" a site. Its impossible. Google has written in language only Google employees can read, Google has instructions that go on and on and on and on and on…..but never get to the point nor conclusion. Google has features that branch out to another feature which branches to another, USELESS.

  6. I have been trying to find this page more than one hour and life of me I can't find it! Why not explain how to find this page that one can find "OTHER STUFF. Instruction are clear ans simple BUT NOT COMPLETE!!!!

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