Verrado – Coming Soon Listing at 20650 W Grandview Drive
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Verrado – Coming Soon Listing at 20650 W Grandview Drive

Hi everyone I’m Amy Haslett and I’m
standing out in front of my latest coming soon listing here in Verrado. This
home is the popular Willo plan. It’s a 4-bedroom, 3-bath. 3-car garage a
little over 2,600 square feet and you can see it’s got a great front porch.
What you can’t see is across from me is Grandview Park so you can sit on the
front porch and look out and see neighbors playing in the park. It’s
really a great location and it has one of the largest lots in Verado. In fact,
this house also has a pool in the backyard but one of the things I love
the most about this home is the location. Like I said, it’s located on Grandview
and it’s really a quiet street that’s close to everything but tucked away and
quiet. Just a few streets up that way you’re going to find Walton Park, Verado
Middle School in Verado Elementary School. And then a little bit farther up
all the shops on Main and then you go that way to the left and you’ve got
Verado High School very close as well. But let me stop talking about it
and let me show you how close everything is to this house. So let’s get moving. All right so I’m back here at Grandview
Drive and I hope that that quick walk gave you an idea of how ideal this
location is here on Grandview. It’s really close to everything in Verrado. If
you have questions about this house you can give me a call at 623-910-1733 and I’ll include all of my information as well to
make it easy for you

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