65 thoughts on “Watch Me Design 15: How to Draw Flats

  1. The timing for this video couldn't have been better! Recently I've been working harder to focus on the more technical parts of the design process, as opposed to just doing looser sketches of garments. This is going to help a lot!

  2. really helpful!!! very clear and can't wait to put it in practice. Congratulations! these videos are the best 😃😃

  3. when a 23 minutes video are much more helpful than what I've learnt in class for 3 months. You're the best Zoe! Wish u r my teacher

  4. Thank you Zoe, your videos are amazing and SO USEFUL!! Please continue sharing your knowledge, it does make a difference.
    PS Love your personality and style, too! ☺

  5. Woooooo!! I'm gonna grab coffee, sit down and keep knitting a green dress I'm designing. Internet design team! 😃

  6. Hi Zoe. You are amazing. Question 🙋: Do I need tracing paper if I have a light box? Gosh Like tracing paper is so expensive in South Africa. I'd literally go broke quickly. I have an A1 light box at home.

    I enjoy all your easy techniques. Did I mention that you are so amazing? Wowza!

  7. Please continue making videos.They are helpful.Thankful to you that we are able to learn from youtube ❤️

  8. I'm super excited to your next video as always do, literally your channel is my main fashion school. Love you Zoë 💜

  9. OMG I'm a fashion design major and I'm about to start my first fall semester and I'm so grateful that you exist!!!!🤗🤗🤗

  10. I was at a Summer Fashion Design course in July and we did some flats, but we only had an oversimplified flat template, we usually tended to trace the front to create the back and just alter the closures and stuff…but then again, we only learnt the most basic stuff =P

    and thank you, my figures are always offcentered for some reason, but I'm pretty sure that anything beyond a basic axis will only confuse me further when illustrating something =P

  11. I’m sort new to your channel but I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to day life and teaching us for free when you don’t even have to but you CHOOSE to which says a lot about your character. And even if you were charging I still would pay to watch. So thank you again for all you do. God bless

  12. Fantastic video, Zoe!!! Glad to see this series continuing more! Literally cannot wait for the next video where you make the flats in Illustrator! And the prospect of watching you and Myriah construct one of the garments is very exciting as well!

  13. Plis! I', begging You. Draw a Man in all suit;-). With trousers in a business dress code. I need him immediately;-D

  14. When you started talking about flats vs croquis I realised why I thought I suck at flats; the realistic proportions make it so the flat doesnt look as cool as it does on a 10 head figure LOL

  15. Hi! Thank you again for the great help! I really love your passion for teaching, I can feel you do it with love but also a lot of knowledge. I have a question, I need to learn as fast as possible all the details for a tech pack once you do the illustrator flat, I was asking myself if I can find any book about this subject. Could you reccomend something? Thank you

  16. Horray! Thank you so much Zoe for addressing & covering this topic! Btw, I recently ordered and received my book on Technical Drawing For Fashion by BASIA SZKUTNICKA (2nd Edition) this past weekend so I’m excited to see what more I can learn moving forward along with purchasing your Flat templates on Etsy. So wish me luck..lol However, I do have a question for you prior to your next video if you can help. Do you know if there are any other alternative ways or resources to maybe purchase Adobe software for a more affordable price?

  17. Is there a wide choice in color with Adobe? I've never used it, but it may be a tool worth looking into. I will watch your Adobe segment and then collect my questions. Btw, thank you for introducing me to the reflection method when drawing flats bc the way I was doing it, one side would always be favored over the one that came out wonky😞

  18. This is an awesome refresher. Been out of school for three years so everything you've demonstrated I've said to myself oh yeah i remember that. The using of a ruler for flats I've never thought about using. Also I'm not sure if you've talked about this I've been searching patterning knit fabrics from starter blocks.

  19. Also the reflection segment you introduced, I remember my professor showing us using the window to reflect and drowing from center front and back.

  20. Zoe, if you could talk about colouring and shadowing flats in illustrator it would be really helpful 🙏

  21. God I need a lecturer like you at my University! NEVER had any lessons this in depth! Constantly told I am on a 'research degree' where I have to go and find out everything by myself elsewhere, yet it's as easy as a teacher sitting down for 20 minutes with a pencil.

  22. Flats remind me of alpha/texture guide people use to make clothes for The Sims. I thought you meant. flat shoes before I watched this video.

  23. I really enjoyed these 15 videos. I'm not a designer, I'm no good in drawing, but I've always been interested in fashion design. Your explanations are so clear and helpful! I don't see any new videos on this playlist though. I hope there will be new videos in that list soon! I'll watch your other videos while waiting! Thank you so much for all this!

  24. Hei, this video was soooo useful! (like all the others you do!)
    I wanted to ask if you could talk about collection/merchandising plan in a video, or, if you have already done it, what video should I search?
    Thanks for the amazing work you keep doing for all of us!

  25. Pls continue Zoe!!!! I’ve watched all 15 episodes in a week and this has been far more useful than school!!! Really should’ve started watching these at the beginning of the term but never mind…

  26. Hello zoe even i don't have that much money to go to fashion college or institut but i really found myself with you , you gave me that power to start without being afraid and after i did start i was like woow i did all that work hhhh thank u zoe

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