We Lived In A Tiny House
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We Lived In A Tiny House

– I think I’m going insane. – What? – I think this tiny house
is making me go insane and I think the beer will help. – Oh, god. – (inhales) Nothin’ like
the smell of a house. Hi, I’m Garrett. – And I’m Nikki. – And we’re fascinated
by how other people live. – So, we’re gonna try and find some really interesting living situations. – And live there, experiencing
a totally new lifestyle. Thing is, Nikki and I don’t
actually really know each other. – Not at all. – When do you shower? When do you wake up? When do you go to bed? But, we’re gonna live with each other. – As almost complete strangers. – In an actual complete stranger’s house. This week, we’re gonna be
living in a tiny house. (cheerful music) Tada! – [Nikki] Oh, man. – Look at this little guy. Hey! – Hey, Garrett. – Nick. – Nice to meet you. – Great to meet you. – Hi, Nikki. Nice to meet you. – Thank you so much for having us. This is a beautiful part of the country. – The tiny house was built in April 2016. What attracted me was
the nice wood sidings and something that would
blend in with our terrain which is very country. The deck is basically
the same size footprint as the entire house. – [Nikki] Oh, really? – [Nick] It allowed us to
have kind of double the space. We have these doors
open, these windows open. You don’t feel so claustrophobic. – [Garrett] That’s what I was gonna say. For such a small space it feels so open. – [Nick] Yeah and the
vaulted ceiling helps a lot. – Like I’m six foot seven and
I do not feel cramped in here. – Okay, that’s great. – How big is it? – Eight by twenty, so
it’s 160 square feet. – [Niki] Okay. – The loft, it could be taller. (laughter) In 2003 we had a big fire in San Diego. In a matter of minutes we went from having a nice home to literally nothing. People around us that didn’t lose anything kept looking at themselves at what would happen if I lost my things. Really, not that big of a deal. Matter of fact, I felt liberated. It’s got everything in it, all the plates and anything you could possibly need. – Bottle opener, that’s really all you– – That, yeah the church key and the– – It’s a very good use of space. – Yeah, I guess you sort of have to, huh? Every little corner you
have to find a use for. – A lot of people live in
places of this square footage. This is 160 square feet. It’s not a lot of space. And this way it gave people an idea of what they did need and
what they didn’t need. – Okay guys have a good time.
– Alright thanks so much Nick. Thank you. Oh okay. Great. Thank you. – In we go. Okay. I call top bunk. I think I am a good roommate. I keep pretty clean, I’m pretty quiet, I like to keep to myself. The only thing is that I’m very big. – I don’t know how you
would sit up in here. – Oh man, yeah my head is right there. – So, I have lived with
roommates on several occasions but never more than a year. Because I didn’t like it. – Fine, only one of us
needs a privacy curtain and then we’re private
from the other person. – Where’s Garrett from? – She mentioned that her
parents live in Washington. – Something in the Midwest like Chicago. That feels right, right? – I don’t even know what
part of town Niki lives in. – Garrett feels like the
kind of guy who would like, live in a big house with
like a bunch of dudes. Probably, maybe a lady. – I wanna say Niki lives in a two bedroom apartment with a roommate. – So, I imagine every
living situation for him is too small because he’s huge. That I do know. You would not be able to have sex up here. I don’t know. – No, I don’t see how two people could possibly have sex up here. Especially if one were gay. – Only one? Only one is gay.
– I’m not gay. – Oh, you’re talking about us. – If they’re opposite genders. – Oh, I’m not even talking
about us having sex. – I’m talking about people. – I know. That’s what I’m saying. – That’s– We’re trying to see how it’s
like for us to live up here. It’s impossible. I’m really excited to see
what it’s actually like to try and live in a tiny house and not be able to like escape. – But again, I’m doing this
with a practical stranger that I work with so ideal scenario? I don’t know. – I’m just always excited to
see how other people live. – Oh, man. We’re really gonna get to
know each other, aren’t we? We’re here for two nights. – We just moved in. – Should we have like house rules? Try and keep your shit pretty tidy. – I keep myself pretty tidy. – Also, I’ve like never
lived with a boy before. – You haven’t? (mmm-mmm) – Are you comfortable there? – I’m bored. – (laughs) What? – You’re probably gonna be the second girl that I’ve ever lived with
and never hooked up with. – Gross. Oh also, my fiance made
cookies so we have cookies. – Your what? I had no idea Niki was engaged. They’re really good cookies. Have you had them? – I have. – What are we gonna do tonight? We should get some booze. – I don’t drink. – You don’t drink? – I don’t drink. – What– Okay, so we have like
no space in here, right? We don’t have space for
this fucking pine cone. – It’s decorative. – We like, I think that’s rule
number one in a tiny house. – No decorations? – No fucking decorations. Like, even the fact that
these horse heads are here. They look very nice but
those should be extra pots. – Look at you. You’re starting to think
like a tiny house man. – The tiny house has been kinda neat. I mean, it’s so small like, I’m staring at Niki’s bed right now. I’m above our kitchen and bathroom. As much as Nick said he
thinks like a family of four could live in here, that’s insane. – Like one person in this
tiny home can’t do something without the other person knowing. A lot of forced intimacy and it’s a lot of forced time together. – So far, living with Niki has been good. She seems like a hard person to impress. – Garrett seems fine so far. Like, he seems like a pretty chill person. – I basically had a full-time
job of playing volleyball. And like got to meet the
president because of it. – Wait, what? You met Barrack Obama? – Yeah. – Wait, what? This is the coolest thing about you. – If you win the national championship, you get to meet the president. I’m getting to know Niki
a little bit better. – Well, so like I’m like
a film school drop out. – Oh, okay. – I was just one of those people who just didn’t do well in college, ya know? – Okay. – I like super didn’t fit in. – But, I’m getting a
better sense of who she is and she’s a cool person. There’s a bug in here. – Day one in the books. – It’s a pretty weird
little huff I got up here. – You okay? – It really feels kind of like a coffin. I think I’m gonna wake up
in the middle of the night, bash my head on the ceiling,
and knock myself unconscious. Good night, Niki. – Night, Garrett. – Oops. – Oh, my god. (laughter) So, it’s the morning after day one and last night I think went pretty well. – I came outside to give her privacy cause there’s really no other place to go to give her privacy. – Last night I realized I
forgot to bring toothpaste so I’ve been using Garrett’s. But I mean like, roommates right? That’s what you do? Are you gonna fit in the shower? – Depending on how high the tub is. – Good luck. – Thanks. Okay, it’s certainly tiny. – He’s just like showering
like right there. – Oh my god. How am I gonna–? I feel like I’m gonna get
shampoo on the ceiling. – Oh my god. – I don’t have any clothes. – Why? – They’re all upstairs
in my little hobble. – How are you gonna climb
the stairs like that? – It’s fine. Look, I’m doing it. – I’ll stand this way. – Listen, we don’t have any space. – I know but you could’ve brought your clothes into the bathroom. That’s what I did. – I’m learning. – You know I feel like you really do like sacrifice comfort to live in this space. Don’t you think? – Yeah, I’m starting to get that feeling. – Do you cook? – I make the world’s best scrambled eggs. – What? – Yeah. Scrambled eggs. – Who’s told you that? – I’ve told it to me and
then every time I’ve said to somebody I make the world’s
greatest scrambled eggs, nobody’s ever said, “These are
not the best scrambled eggs.” This is not the best utensil for this. – Are you making excuses already? – Yep, yep. These are actually a little over done. Usually it’s best with like
toast and like some tomatoes. – Thank you. (laughter) Yeah, scrambled eggs. – Dammit. – How was last night for you? Oh god, that sounds like we just had sex. (laughter) – Very funny way to ask it though. (upbeat music) – So tonight, we’re making chicken wings with the limes from Nick’s
tree which is pretty cool. I think we can become friends. Like, I think we’ll be friends after this. He’s not like the type of person that I find myself around all the time. – I think I might get drunk tonight. I think it’s a good idea to
get drunk in your tiny house. – This is like a nice, relaxing lifestyle of like, pick fruit from your garden, put it in the food that you make, eat it. It’s like very rewarding. So like, I get it. – I’ve never been more proud
of anything in my life. I can’t believe I got this to work. – Really? – When I said I would do this, I had no idea what I was doing. But, it’s working. (laughter) – Oh, look at these criss-cross
grill marks I got here. – It’s like burger king. – Oh, that’s good. – That’s pretty good. When I woke up this morning I was nervous about what we were gonna do all day and we ended up filling it pretty well. Niki and I went outside
to read because we thought the sun was setting, it
would be nice to read and we ended up just
talking for like two hours. – Garrett and I maybe first spoke to each other like three months ago. And like, here we are telling each other what our dreams for the
future are for our lives. – I got to facetime with her fiance. Hello. – [Niki’s Fiance] Hi! – It’s so nice to meet you. – I’m like not always the
best at meeting new people. In like this one on one
setting, it’s been really nice. Hey, Garrett. – Huh? – Do you wanna do sheet mask? – I’ve never done one before. – Yay! (laughter) – Oh, it’s so goopy. Yeah, it’s a little small but– (laughter) – I don’t know about tiny house living. You just like– Everything you’re doing is like this. Cause you’re like there’s a person here or like a wall there or like stuff here. – And that there’s no privacy whatsoever. I don’t know if I could actually live in this tiny house even by myself. It seems like a crazy non-starter. Oh, shit. We didn’t even have like our clothes here. Like, if I had more than two
days worth of clothes here I have no idea where
I would have put them. Niki, what are you doing? – We had this like box
of lights and they were on the couch but now I can’t find them. – Niki, this house is
like 180 square feet. – I know. I don’t know where it went. As like a permanent,
long-term living situation I just don’t think it’s for me. – [In Unison] Morning. – Coffee? – Yeah, that would be great. This tiny house surpassed
some of my expectations and kind of fell short in others. Working was really inspirational. Like, you have this unbelievable view. That said, because it
was so small and cramped I had to get out of here. Like, I couldn’t work on
anything for more than one hour. – It’s been nice but it’s too small. To tiny house livers, good on ya. I respect your lifestyle. – Bye, tiny house. – Bye, tiny house. (upbeat music)

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