WE NEED MORE POWER! | Human Fall Flat [Ep 2]
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WE NEED MORE POWER! | Human Fall Flat [Ep 2]

Kenny uses be really I’m supervising
like you need to hit this turn what’s going on guys welcome to GG baby get
good Jamie oh good good good good today we’re playing human Paul fart and
that the object of the game is that we have to use our controllers it’s really
awkward to control so we have to all together as one get through this course
if we help each other the faster we get through the course I guess then help me
must we won’t Oh somebody fall on the pole that’s me arrested you just don’t
wait back up do we have to jam the fan no no oh yeah
okay let me grab these cables for you we need
the cables I’m doing red can you grab the other side I got all the okay hang
on wait officer booty I’ll grab it or two here we go let’s go
wait map what is that doing I’m helping looks like Rorschach Rorschach’s from
what’s his friend what’s it called okay stick it in there commentary okay we’re
good alright alright coop these things like it in oh my god you guys wait Mike
oh they’re getting tangled over here I gotta get this matter as long as they
work I know that I know you don’t grab we’re not that dexterous so give me
that like oh it’s like okay I’m taking you to it Matt there you go I helped you
I did it now magic magicians oh all right I want to
grab this we got like a generator over here no don’t unplug it oh oh yeah man
no I didn’t all right here we go I plugged it in the wrong hole there we go
oh you’re smart I’ll talk to you in the head of it what are you trying to do
here plug it in dog when you pull it away all right here we go there for sure coordination kind of guy I’m not I step
on the button no this way all right how do I go oh no Paul I’m gonna turn I
can’t I literally cannot get over there The
Doors won’t open for me I’m stuck just die you’re unplugged that unplug the
door okay once you cut the right lock how do I employed you that’s his head on
the gate okay pull purple didn’t work that’s not blue are you black contender
Kyle I got it okay Connor thanks for fixing it man
oh wait oh we’re over here now yeah we’re like halfway done with this level
no no not there we go okay open it open it
I want to get hurt with your dance my heart if I get away from that Matt oh oh
wait it’s not working we need one power all right over here cables I got I got a
call you’re red okay I have every that’s my Bible but I’m giving him a wedgie
once I’m giving Paul you’re glued to my but I let me hit the heart all right
here we go lefty loosey you wanna do that to me
again Matt why is this door okay I’m gonna grab both of the wires and I’m
gonna do this myself since I’m the man okay I’m gonna grab one wire hey I’ll
get the button all right I’ll go through the door get in there you got it –
you’ve got it sweetheart rope in there this is I have this problem with myself
before okay it’s just they not plugged in Tara’s on there I got it
open it I’m a genius okay oh yeah check this act like we’re just hanging out
dude nice dude all right hit the lever I missed oh we need that box Oh Matt we
need the box Matt wait why the box are you gonna go ever hit the lever when I
got you I got you hit the lever a scenic route it is oh wait wait
ever I know Matt for watch no wait whoa yeah okay so go grab them I gotta put
the Box on the thing yeah oh nice job see now I got another lover over here no
yeah but I need you to get me – no no wait wait come it’s not gonna work I
don’t commit Kobe see now you’re good okay yeah yeah
oh okay oh nice okay I got it I got you I got you Tara
is all you do is realize because you have to be able to say that matter come
on come on come on oh no oh gosh back on the mat hold you down I did something I
made it split screen wait oh I’m swinging you guys oh no how come you
guys I broke my game I I’m to people that Eagles to peeps we fixed the
problem before I got the box you guys leave me alone no I never will on you
long hold on open the door Matt’s on my neck again can’t we do it now we got this guy over
here oh yeah you come back here Becky okay I’ll work it on the box
okay okay okay we’re wait what on the right that’s the left you’re all
right yeah oh it’s the left there we go okay oh it’s making me walk on it some
crabby no Paul I’m stuck yeah a response okay we’re so Gucci I got no this one’s
like mac and cheese you making mac and cheese in the office all right turn it
on turn it on turn it on yeah I just saw because you guys I have another one say
my arm is stuck guys my arm is done someone’s actually making
mac and cheese out it really smells like it oh I thought Connor farted
right up yeah oh okay mention it get the candles Oh
what chair here I need prayer all right we need the cables obviously booty okay
I got one I got one cable no I was trying to do the same thing no car
I got a loyal I’m reaching for the other one Matt get up there and grab the other
case I’m drunk I’m jobless epic thing I’ve ever seen it’s Connor trying to get
this cable hey let me give you a boost bud why can’t I get it no I just jumped guys like you’re not long someone’s
making popcorn what so I’m doing my own holy God that’s coming with you be
careful it’s invisible another one I’m gonna catch you I’m gonna catch you
okay well don’t pull yet no we’re getting our Gucci alright alright son
did something right for once okay what do you mean what do you mean moving on
okay dump truck oh good okay I call backseat I called Roger I got the rocks
I don’t need the rocks okay alright you mean your co-pilot rocks because these
are teen things both OH all right who’s driving there we go all right baby
steer correctly what’d you just do control don’t get
your way I’m controlling Matt timing this spoiler I’m supervising I’ve got
the down for you guys I think we got this one from dump truck to garbage
truck really I am trying to do it slower I guess oh wait there’s one down here
this is – it’s like hey we’re good already here but we also drive together
that was a learning experience I call dibs on this one oh wait do we
not need to use it anymore we’re doing in here the depth oh we need okay we got
a little DS up my legs Tavis somebody’s doing would ya leave that leave that
leave it leave it I’m throwing it out oh it’s time to torch that’s a torch
welcome to Minecraft baby all right get back in your seat boys Lisa gotta say
I’m more coal coming in I got some supervising to do man I need you to get
back on the ignition I just leave it at that throttle and we’re saying getting
the battery you bottle down more if you want now you need to throw all that down
or else I don’t have to go ahead and write you up over here okay I’m doing a
good job you’re blocking me in there’s a slope oh there you go man that’s talking
about living it whippin it whippin the Rex no I stayed I like it here we go
where’s Connor uh-oh Oh Matt you might want to slow down trying to draw the
other proper or Matt get a little swervy oh gosh oh never
give up I’m succeeding Connor is trying to drive the other trucks eat any uses
be really I’m supervising that’s cuz I’m sure you need to hit this turn I’m I
need you to slow down on the ignition for me no more throttle guy said coming
around the corner he’s back up I have a torch oh I’ve got the backup it’s like
with the Olympic guns he’s gonna make the gap I’m gonna jump guys
I’m jumped again carter hard work we’re good am i okay i I made it okay give me
that torch to my stop it stop it stop salad guys it’s like we’re going really
fast saw the smoke coming out I have a try but yous got in my way okay so we
got other parties yeah I think we have to load up the these levers oh we can oh
so we’re supposed to put the colon and then we use the torch to light them all
right I was just gonna toss them out alright gonna save so much time whatever
is good don’t go in Matt Matt no Matt no we don’t need that one in there it’s
good Matt’s you’re just gonna burn yourself
to let him die why I got stuck I got stuck though guys I’m getting hot okay
I’ll end you let me enjoy the host cage Oh can somebody help me lift yes wait these
fans guys you’re ready to close it we got to close it guy Zach what’s going on
let’s try to put Matt oh I closed it genius no no stop stop no life is going and the pipes going
through the ground shit so I’m assuming air oh oh oh oh yeah I got it okay
oh my gosh okay look oh no this is the fan guys okay butts blows oh my god out
it’s kind of float okay you’re a dead weight holding this is the symbol for
the end of the map okay I’m chillin I’m hanging out I’m not
going anywhere I’m hanging out fella we’re not gonna make it okay then the
ledge on the other side you got it there you go
nice there you go there you go there’s your little legs up it’s a little okay
oh you know cause like oh okay okay now you got a jump in land on the label over
there okay yeah okay I’m asked to do the guy’s all right ah
nice all right there’s a Ledge below you that you gotta grab oh you gotta grab me
give me the guys you guys we gotta go Tanner’s on my butt and you guys gotta
grab him Kay and we’re all going in together grab my butt grab on guys we’re
going over everyone pull up pull it up and come on here we go
Oh together take yeah oh yeah I don’t play yes see this video right
here that is the last time that we play he would fall flat a lot of fun go check
it out let us know if you enjoyed this right here is a video that YouTube
recommends just for you and if you guys are new here go ahead and hit that
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100 thoughts on “WE NEED MORE POWER! | Human Fall Flat [Ep 2]

  1. Paul: Pull that lever! Pull that lever!
    Tanner: Kronk.

    Me: WRONG LEVEEEEEEEEEeeeerrrrr!

    Why do we even have that lever?

  2. Was watching this episode for the first time and when they were like,” it smells like Mac and cheese!” I was eating Mac and cheese and was like “woah…”

  3. i got a question… if its called "get good gaming" then why is there only 2 g's is it now "get good" or "good gaming"??? tell me please
    edit: they can smell me i am eating popcorn <>-<> i didn't know they can smell through screens

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