Welcome to OPEN FOR BUSINESS – Your Business Ownership Research Lab
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Welcome to OPEN FOR BUSINESS – Your Business Ownership Research Lab

– Hello! I’m Patricia Bottero,
founder of Open For Business. Welcome to your Business
Ownership Research Lab. If you’re considering
starting your own business instead of having a job, or
even while you keep your job, you are in the right place. From 30 years of my
career as an entrepreneur in the trenches of America’s
Main Street business, I have created a unique
and effective methodology to teach you how to research and how to find the
right business for you. So you might ask, what is
the right business for you? The right business
capitalizes on your strengths and aligns with your
vision of an ideal life. It seems a given but
you might be surprised that the majority of people
who jump into business and fail had chosen or were sold the
wrong business for them. Because most people are so focused on finding the hot business out there that they forget that in
the small business world, they are a big part of the equation. What is the point of
choosing a hot business if you’re miserable running it? And still of course,
we need to keep in mind the economic and social trends
when starting a business, and that is why I have created
a comprehensive methodology that no one teaches under one framework. My courses, coaching sessions, and the market resources
that I share with you give you the street
smarts and the knowledge to compare many business formats in different markets and their
respective business models. The other essential piece of
the puzzle is you and your why. Just as important is to gain
clarity on your strengths and your vision of the best life possible so that you can align them
with several business model that might be appropriate for you. I have found that this is the best way to succeed in business, should it be via a startup
from your great idea, or the acquisition of a
business that is for resale, or the development of a turnkey concept such as a franchise or
business opportunity. You might wonder what
makes me your best resource to research businesses. Well, I’m sure you can hear this accent that just won’t leave me alone. But I came to The US from
Europe in my early 20s and when I fell in love with this country, I decided to find a way to
spend the rest of my life here. That was over 30 years ago when I started my first
business to create my own job. And it turned out that in the process of growing this business
over the next two decades, it created jobs for a team of 50. It also gave me everything
I aspired to in my life: flexibility to be a mom on my own terms, never missing important
events in my child’s life, taking vacations and long
weekends with my family without asking permission from anyone, giving myself a raise when the business showed
that I deserved it, citizenship to a country that I love, and I was even able to take
time off to go back to college and finish a degree that I had
put on hold for way too long. That’s why I love small business! To me, owning your livelihood
is the ultimate freedom. Today, through my company,
OPEN FOR BUSINESS, I share over 30 years of
entrepreneurial experience and my unique combination of
insider knowledge with you so that you can take
shortcuts to your success. I grew a startup business from zero, like I explained earlier, but I also worked in the
business brokerage industry as well as the franchising sector, and this allows me to teach
you how all three operates from the inside out. But most importantly, I am passionate about the
merits of business ownership as a way to create a
life of one’s own design. In my view, the most important outcome is how the business you choose serves you. Business ownership is the ultimate vehicle to the American Dream and to truly build a life of abundance, one that is prioritizing
who is important to you and what is important to you. It’s a tremendous equalizer
and glass ceiling shatterer. With the right business,
no job can beat the life of one who is self-sufficient, self-empowered, and self-employed. Fair warning though,
creating your own livelihood could very well be the craziest and smartest idea that you ever had. And once you experience
that kind of freedom, you might even become utterly unemployable by anyone except yourself. But before you jump in into the uncertain world
of business ownership, let’s minimize your risk by investigating its whole landscape and how you best fit in it and how you can best succeed in it. Through my courses, coaching sessions, and the market resources
that I share with you, you will save significant time, a ton of energy, and a lot of money. And I give you the ammunition and the insights that very few people have when they begin their
entrepreneurial career. And then when you have
completed my course, you will also be at an equal playing field with any business broker, business seller, or franchise coach that you
might still want to work with. So do you think it makes
sense to first understand how to dramatically increase
your chances of success by minimizing the risks of starting the wrong business for you? If you agree, I invite you to
sign in to receive my news, connect with me on LinkedIn,
Facebook, and Twitter so that I can inform you as soon as my next
training session begins. Meanwhile, I will share free resources to help you begin your
exploration as soon as possible. And if you have not
requested my free e-book yet, it’s called “5 Existential
Questions Entrepreneurs Must Ask Before Jumping Into Business.” I invite you to opt in from my website, openforbusinesslab.com. And one last thing. As I finish this new course, I want to ensure that my training is exactly what you’re looking for. So please let me know
in the comments below or send me an email at
[email protected] That’s PB as in Patricia
Bottero @openforbusinesslab.com. What is your top of mind question about starting your own business and to build a life you love? Go ahead. I mean it. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you for your time. And let’s begin your
exploration of businesses as possible vehicles to your amazing life.

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