What is Creative Ownership? (Kickstarter book campaign)

What is Creative Ownership? It’s both caring deeply and taking responsibility for what you’re creating. Students are often required to take responsibilities on: from learning lines to directing scenes. But not given the tools to deeply care about it. Or, they could deeply care about the project, but not take personally responsiblility for what it takes to achieve it. Teachers have way too much on their plate: How much they have to do, how many expectations are put on them. It is impossible to let someone else have ownership if you have so much expected of you. Creativity needs to have ownership, or else, you’re just training more robots. Our process addresses this head on by unpacking resistance to change —which is really assumptions about what’s possible. We use mindfulness. Self observation without judgment: What does it feel like to care about something deeply and to take full ownership? And when have you done it? And how can you do it now? We add ferocious play A high level of effort and curiosity needed to create new pathways and buoyancy to rebound from failures. And the heavy load of creating art while teaching can be lightened with ensemble devising. This collaborative tool requires a strong point of view but also empathy for others. “Everything that we did came from a place in the actors’ hearts in where everything was, like, a growing process.” “I was actually looking forward to rehearsals and, like, having fun during it.” “I was at every rehearsal.” “You were!” “I would have been at every rehearsal even if I didn’t need to be because it was the absolute highlight of my day.” Schools are built without the foundation of creative ownership. Our process can give that back to the students and the teachers.

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