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(Swoosh) (Sword slash) (Intro jingle) Hello and welcome back for some more Fire
Emblem Three Houses content. So if you’re thinking about getting Fire Emblem
Three Houses but you’re still unsure of which House you want to pick in the game or who
all the students are in each house, this video is for you, and I hope that it’ll help you to at
the very least, narrow down your options. In Fire Emblem Three Houses, you, as the character
Byleth, will have to pick one of the three Houses to teach during your time playing the
game. We’re still unsure how the game will pan out and whether or not the three houses
will eventually come together at some point later on in the story, so for now in this
video we’ll just be assuming that you won’t be recruiting the students from the other
houses, so the house that you pick should define your playthrough and determine which
students you’ll have in your roster, and you’ll have to pick the house or studnets that stand
out the most to you. Let’s begin with a quick recap.
The three houses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are the Black Eagles, the Blue Lions, and
the Golden Deers, each hailing from different nations within the continent of Fodlan.
The Black Eagles are led by Edelgard von Hresvelg, who is the next in line to rule the Adrestian
Empire to the south. Edelgard is a talented woman with a responsible
and dignified air to her. Story-wise it seems that she will come to believe that the crests,
ancient symbols power held by nobility, are the root cause for the issues in Fodlan. The
crests are to blame. Students from the Adrestian Empire and in
the Black Eagles have a heavy emphasis on magic, so this house is likely to have more students
with proficiencies or strengths for using magic. Then we have the Blue Lions, led by Dimitri
Alexander Blaiddyd, Prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. Dimitri is a courteous and refreshing
young man who embodies chivalry, yet he carries a shadow.
Dimitri’s flavor text so far seems to imply that he might have a bit of a chip on his
shoulder, and this may be because he is the Prince of the Holy kingdom of Faerghus. If
we look at the map of the continent of Fodlan, it seems that the Church of Seiros occupies
the neutral land between the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Adrestian Empire. Considering
it’s also the “Holy Kingdom” of Faerghus, there is probably a distinct connection between
Dimitri’s kingdom and the church of Seiros. Perhaps this will cause conflict throughout
the story especially if it turns out that the church is up to no good. Maybe Dimitri
will have to face off against his own men and his family should they side with the church.
Or maybe his parents will turn out to be evil. Students from Faerghus and in the Blue Lions
have a heavy emphasis on using lances, probably because of the Kingdom’s connections with
Knights and Knighthood. Finally we have the Golden Deers, led by Claude
von Regan. Claude is the son of the noble family that rules the Leicester Alliance.
He’s a young man who’s sociable and smiles. He has the look of a person who carefully
considers things and also possesses a keen insight.
A lot of Claude’s flavor text seems to indicate that there’s a bit more to him than meets
the eye, whereas he seems cheerful and unassuming on the surface, there very well might end
up being scheming or a secret buried beneath his collected exterior. Perhaps there are
further machinations or plans in place with him that will be revealed much later. Maybe
the Leicester Alliance wants to overthrow the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus or unseat the
Adrestian Empire and promote a more allied or democratic approach to leadership within
Fodlan. Because of the Leicester Alliance being composed
of many different smaller houses and groups, the Golden Deers will have more students that
are commoners than nobles, unlike the other houses where commoners seem to be in the minority.
While this doesn’t seem to have much of a difference that we know of yet in terms of character
stats, considering the Noble and Commoner classes are pretty much the same thing from
what we’ve seen, it may mean that less students in the Golden Deer house will have crests
in comparison to other houses. This could indicate a potentially harder route (though
we don’t know that yet for sure) or that you’ll just have to collect a few more crests and start
a bit further behind than the other houses. But we don’t know the full information on
all the students in each house yet, so maybe they’ll still start each house’s roster
with the same number of crests. We’ll have to see.
Those from the Leicester Alliance and in the Golden Deers have a heavy emphasis on using
bows, so it’s likely that a good amount of students will have strengths in bows and will
perhaps be best off taking on the Fighter class upgrade path, though we do see some
students from the get-go that seem to be more magic or physical based, so I wouldn’t
worry if you’re not the biggest fan of bows. Now that we know the three lords and the Empire,
Kingdom, and Alliance they’re hailing from, it’s time to talk about the students that we’ve
seen so far that are present within each house. Each house has seven confirmed students that
we know of, and hopefully more that you’ll be recruiting later on.
I want to point out that if I make any suggestions about classes for students, that these aren’t
the end all be all choices for them, and that with this game there will be even more freedom
and customization than ever, with classes able to wield more weapon types more freely
for the most part and even characters weak in certain areas able to overcome those weaknesses.
The moral here is, do whatever you like, I’ll just be sharing my observations of each student. We’ll begin with the Black Eagles.
When choosing the Black Eagles you’ll have access to Edelgard, Hubert, Dorothea, Ferdinand,
Bernadetta, Petra, Linhardt, and Caspar. Edelgard, as we’ve seen throughout the trailers
and screenshots, will definitely favor using axes. She is proficient in Axes, Swords, and
Authority, with weak areas in bows and faith magic. She will also have the minor crest
of Seiros that we’re not sure what it does just yet.
Her personal skill is Imperial Bloodline, which boosts her experience gained by 1.2x.
This is also the same as the other main lords. Hubert is the brooding strategist of the Black
Eagles and somewhat of a retainer or servant to Edelgard. He has served her from a young
age. He seems to be more aligned with magic classes as we’ve consistently seen him using Reason magic, (or dark and anima magic in Three Houses). We’ve also seen him in the Monk class. He looks
to be proficient with Bows, Reason magic, and Authority, considering his background,
and not good at using Axes and Faith magic. Once again, I do want to point out that students in Fire
Emblem Three Houses can, via tutoring from Byleth, actually improve their proficiencies
in certain lacking areas via the blossoming talent system.
After tutoring this level a certain number of times, the student’s talent in that level
may bloom. Besides just becoming adept at it, the student will be able to learn new skills and
abilities. So it seems like even if a student is not good in certain areas, we can take
the time and resources to make them better with them, allowing for even more freedom
and personalization. So keep that in mind. Also, for the most part, equipped weapons
do not change when class-changing in this game, so you may want to focus on one main
weapon type per student. Magic does appear to be restricted by class though, as some
will not have access to it, but in general there will be more weapon freedom within this
Fire Emblem than the Fire Emblem titles of the past. Next in the Black Eagles we have Dorothea.
Dorothea is a female student who was a popular songstress in the imperial capital before
she enrolled. She comes from the same Mittelfrank opera company as Manuela, and admires her.
Within the Black Eagles, she’s the only commoner, which makes her feel uneasy, but
she treats all of her similarly aged friends as equals. We’ve seen her with strengths in
Swords, Reason magic, and a weakness in Faith magic. We’ve also seen her upgrading into
a Monk, which seems like a pretty good route for her. Though she does lose her hat, sadly.
Her personal skill is songstress, which at the start of each turn, restores adjacent allies’
HP by 10%. Now we’ve got Ferdinand von Aegir, the only
son of Duke Aegir’s family, a renowned family where the title of imperial
chancellor is passed down. He’s very proud of his family because of its importance and
influence. Ferdinand is extremely confident and hates to lose. Princess Edelgard’s brilliance
ignites a sense of rivalry within him. We’ve seen him dueling Sylvain of the Blue Lions
and he’s using a training lance. Probably a solid pick as a Cavalier unit. Or at least
that’s what he looks like to me. Then there’s Bernadetta. We don’t have her
full character bio just yet, but she’s probably pretty shy or socially awkward, considering
she’s hiding herself underneath a book in the Black Eagles cutscene. We’ve also seen
her fighting in battle and using a bow, so she seems to be a pretty decent pick for the
fighter class line. Now we’ve got Petra. We’ve seen her a good
amount throughout the trailers and she appears to have strengths in sword usage, considering
she’s always been wielding them. Looks to me like she’ll fit in just fine as one of the series’s
female Myrmidon characters. She might also be a foreigner or have the common tongue as
a second language considering some of the odd speech patterns from conversations we’ve
seen with her so far. Of course then we’ve also got Linhardt…
who appears to be the perfect fusion of Lyn and Reinhardt (seriously they must have done
this as a joke). We’ve seen him with strengths in Reason and Faith magic, and he has
a weakness in Riding, so he’ll need some work before you try to make him a cavalier or a
mounted mage knight, if that class line returns. Wait, what? Linhardt isn’t good on horses?
So much for being a Reinhardt and Lyn fusion. The dude’s a fraud. In all seriousness, though, he’s pretty clearly adept at magic and will probably be one of your main mages in the Black Eagles alongside Hubert and possibly Dorothea. Lastly there’s Caspar. We don’t know too much
about him just yet aside from the fact that he might be a little impulsive and eat too
quickly, but we’ve seen him punching church soldiers in the face and also wielding axes,
so he’s probably a solid fit for the fighter class line. That’s it for the Black Eagles so far. Now we’ve got the Blue Lions.
When choosing the Blue Lions, you’ll have access to Dimitri, Dedue, Felix, Annette,
Mercedes, Sylvain, Ashe, and Ingrid. Dimitri will be proficient in Lances, obviously,
but also Swords and Authority, likely because of his status. He lacks proficiency in Axes
and Reason magic. He will also have the minor crest of Blaiddyd.
His personal skill is Royal Bloodline, which once again boosts his experience gained by 1.2x. Next we’ve got Dedue Molinaro, a commoner born in the Daska region, in the north-west
of Faerghus, and Dimitri’s servant. He owes a great debt to Dimitri and is determined
to protect him at all costs. He’s a bit scary-looking and quiet on the surface, but many people
don’t realize he’s actually a gentle and nice young man. We’ve seen him sparring with
Dimitri in the Blue Lions cutscene, and in that cutscene he uses an Axe. We’ve also seen that he is
proficient in Axes, Lances, Fighting, (or Gauntlets in this case) and Heavy Armor, and lacks ability in Faith magic, Riding, and Flying. Judging by his size… yeah. I would say it’d be pretty hard for a Pegasus or a Horse to be able to lift him, so that makes sense. Dedue’s personal skill is Liege’s Shield. If he waits without acting, he’ll gain Defense +4 for one turn. Next there’s Felix Hugo Fraldarius, the eldest
child of Duke Fraldarius. He has a mean attitude, calling his childhood buddy Dimitri a “boar”.
He’s sarcastic and fashions himself as a lone wolf, but he takes his sword training
seriously, so much so that he’ll instantly challenge any strong person to a bout. He
also appears in that Blue Lions cutscene sparring with Dimitri and using a Sword. Every time
we’ve seen Felix we’ve seen him wielding a Sword, and even doubling enemies, which might
prove him to be pretty speedy, so it’s very likely that Felix will be well suited toward
the Myrmidon class line. Now we’ve got Annette, who appears to be a
commoner when comparing her outfit between her and Mercedes, but we’ll talk about her next. Unfortunately we don’t know much about her yet, but in the second batch of Famitsu screenshots, we can see her wielding Reason magic, so perhaps she will be one of the more magic oriented
characters for the Blue Lions. Then there’s Mercedes, who Annette seems to
call “Mercie.” Judging by her outfit and elegant demeanor, we originally figured she’d be a noble, and it seems we were correct. Mercedes is a kind girl, who watches her surroundings closely and can’t ignore people in need. She is a former imperial noble, but chose to live in the kingdom as a commoner. She once lived in the Mage School of the kingdom’s capital. She says she’s “a bit older” than the other
students. So basically she was originally from the Adrestian Empire, but is now a commoner from Faerghus. In the first trailer we saw her wielding a Sword when Edelgard was fighting her, and
in the recent batch of Famitsu screenshots we can see her using a Bow. Considering she also lived in the Mage school of the kingdom’s capital, it’s quite possible that she will also be proficient with magic as well. Aside from that, though, we don’t know much more. Next there’s Sylvain Jose Gautier. We’ve seen him using a Training
Lance in the second trailer when sparring with Ferdinand of the Black Eagles. He’s also
got a Sword sheathed on him as a part of his design. He definitely seems like the Cavalier
type to me. Probably the main cavalier character of the Blue Lions. Once again we’ve yet to get his profile too, but I’m sure we’ll get it in the coming days. Then there’s Ashe. We’ve seen Ashe a few times
in the various trailers and he’s seen wielding a Bow in the animation. We’ve also seen him
speaking with Dedue, but we don’t know much else about him, either. Because of his Bow wielding, he’ll probably be good taking on the Fighter class line. Lastly there’s Ingrid, who we’ve seen the
least of so far. She’s been around in the background of some shots and we’ve seen her
wield a Lance, but that’s about all we know about her.
When compared to Felix and Mercedes, she looks like she might be a commoner as well. That wraps up the Blue Lions, and finally we’ve got the Golden Deers.
When choosing the Golden Deers, you’ll have access to Claude, Lorenz, Hilda, Raphael,
Leonie, Ignace, Lysithea, and Marianne. Claude is pretty obviously going to be proficient
with bows as we’ve seen him exclusively using them. But he’s probably got strengths in Authority
and another weapon type as well, just like the other lords. He’s also got the minor crest
of Regan. His personal skill is Alliance Bloodline,
which, like the other lords, boosts his experience gained by 1.2x. Lorenz is the eldest son of the Duke ofGloucester
(Gloster), a noble from the Leicester Alliance. He’s a serious fellow despite his snobbishness
and he’s aware of his pride and responsibility as a noble. It seems he’s been approaching
several females at the monastery, with limited success. He also appears to come with his
own crest, the minor crest of Gloucester, said to have belonged to Gloucester of Fodlan’s
Ten Great Heroes. So far all of the crests that we’ve had revealed to us seem to originate from them. Once again, we’re not sure what it does just yet. His personal skill is Prestigious Noble, When
a battalion is deployed, his damage dealt will increase by +2.
We’ve seen him wielding a Lance multiple times so far, and he has appeared as the class image for
Cavalier within the game, so it’s likely that this will be a decent role for him. Next we have Hilda. Hilda is the only daughter
of Duke Goneril. Since she was pampered by her father and older brother, she tends to
slack off, and is good at acting cute and buttering people up. She has an easy-going
and frivolous manner about her, and is a typical “nobleman’s daughter.” She adores fashionable
and glamorous things. We’ve seen her wielding a Bow in the original Three Houses trailer,
and even more recently, an Axe. She’s also got the minor crest of Goneril. Her personal skill is called plead, (or might be called pester) and when an adjacent male ally enters battle, that ally’s damage dealt gains +3. Next we’ve got Raphael. Raphael is a pretty
big brutish looking guy who we’ve seen wielding an Axe, and also appears as the new male
only Brawler class, so it’s likely he’ll have some proficiency with Gauntlets as well,
which isn’t a stretch considering his stature. I think it’s safe to say he’s going to be
pretty tough. Following this stereotype, he’s probably not great at magic. He kinda looks like the Golden Deer version of Dedue. Then there’s Leonie, this girl with the short
orange hair. We don’t know too much about her just yet aside from the fact that we’ve seen
her wield Lances and she’s playing with a Bow in the Golden Deer cutscene. She’s also
appeared as the preview unit for the Fighter class, once again wielding a Bow. So I think it’s
safe to say that like the other Golden Deers, she’s likely to be Bow proficient. Next up there’s Ignace. Ignace has been pretty
mysterious so far and we don’t know too much about him, either. Though judging by his looks
I’d say he’s probably proficient in some form of magic. He’ll probably be one of your main magic units in the Golden Deer. But we’ve also seen him wielding
a Bow, too. Now there’s Lysithea, another student that we don’t
know too much about just yet, unfortunately, but we’ve seen her healing Hilda in battle and being equipped with Reason magic, so it’s likely that she’ll have some proficiency there. Like Ignace, she’ll probably one of your main mage units in the Golden Deers. Marianne is another unfortunately pretty mysterius
student, and we’ve seen her wielding Faith magic in screenshots, so that’s likely to
be an area she’s proficient in, but hopefully we’ll learn more about her later. That’s it for all the students of the three
houses that we know of so far. But we’ve also seen Manuela Cazagranda, the teacher and doctor
of the Officer’s Academy fighting in battle, and the other teacher Hannemen von Esser who
is researching the crests profiled, too, so it might be possible to recruit teachers and
other characters within the Garreg Mach Monastery. Hopefully you’ll be able to get them regardless
of which House you choose. Or maybe they’ll do something really cool where you even get
different teachers with each house, too. So now that you’ve seen what the three houses
have to offer and perhaps what you might be able to expect with these students and main
characters, I hope you’re now even just slightly closer to figuring out what house you want
to go with when Fire Emblem Three Houses comes out. At the end of the day, especially if the houses do remain separated throughout the game, I’ll
definitely be playing through as each house as I think there’s great students and interesting
facets of each. It’s even been hard for me to pick, and I might even change my mind as
we get closer to release, too. Thank you so much for watching, if you liked
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