Whitman: Real Estate

There are more than 400,000 real estate brokers
and agents in the united states Employment of real estate brokers and sales
agents is expected to grow through 2020 The market demands professionals with specialized
analytical skills as well as knowledge of investments, and asset
management, As part of the finance department, Whitman’s
real estate major provides the academics and real world experience
needed to prepare students for careers in real estate
I chose this major because it has so many different fields to go into
I was undecided when I came to college and this major allowed me to use my business skills
in any form that I wanted in real estate you can go into any thing – sales,
you can go into the more financial side of it, and mortgage banking, appraisals,
I mean there is really no end to it Whitman’s real estate major is designed to
help you learn to analyze and to understand local tax laws, zoning regulations, school
districts, contracts, utilities, transportation, and more.
There is also winter class held every january in new York city,
plus expert speakers and symposia on campus I became a real estate major because after
my freshman summer I obtained an internship in New York City at a real estate company
and that really sparked my interest Whitman’s real estate graduates are consistently
hired by companies such as Barclays, Horn Companies
Jones Lang Lasalle and many others
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