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Wholesaling Real Estate | Charlie Villanueva and Lala

(bouncy hip-hop music) – [Matt] Let’s go. – [Max] My dude, you, when
you said “Just started”, this a gut-job, man! – It’s crazy, man. How you been? – [Matt] Skeleton, man. – [Max] Lala, how have you been? – [Matt] How are things? – [Lala] Good, how are
you? Good to see you! Good to see you, again! – [Matt] Hey! How have you been? – [Lala] Good, how are you?
– Yo, this is crazy. – [Max] Good! This is Matt. How long you had this one? – [Charlie] Oh, I don’t… – [Matt] Look, the
chandelier’s still in there… This is Matt. – [Lala] Hi, Matt! Lala. Nice to meet you. – [Charlie] It’s crazy
with this one. I just… – [Matt] Uh, let’s move
around to the other side. – I didn’t even really want it. (laughs) – Is that new tour you was tellin’ me you was bettin’ and you
then you was like… Oh shit, I won! – Yeah! (laughs) I didn’t even really want it. I just threw, I just
threw a number out there and then, uh… – That shit came through. – It just came through. – It was around, it was
only taking backup off this. – Oh, that’s right, yeah.
You told me that, yeah. – Yeah, and then I took
it and then they called me like, “Hey, New Orleans.” Oh shit. – “Y’all sure I got it? Check again.” – (laughs) Okay? – “What happened to the first guy?” – (laughs) Well, yeah man,
this is a big job man. – It’s a big house
though, right? It’s huge. – Yeah, it’s about 7,000 square feet. – Oh my god! – Typically what people normally
do with a house like this they tear it down. – Tear it down. – They do. – Yeah. ‘Cause what’s your
cost per square foot to build brand new up here? – Here? – That shit’s expensive over
here ’cause your finishings are crazy. – Yeah, it has to be.
But this was a challenge. So I was like, you know what? I’m just gonna try to keep
the integrity of the house. – Keep the framin’ right? – Keep the framing. – ‘Cause that costs some money. – But this one had bad, um, lotta water damage in this one. Ton of water damage, rotted wood, it’s been abandoned for a lil’ bit. – [Lala] About ten years. – Damn! – Yeah. – So it was a eyesore out here. – Yeah. So it was an
eyesore so. Instead of– – [Lala] You can’t say that! – What’d you get, a great price? – Yeah, I did. – Okay. ‘Cause this probably a
one-five, one-six maybe? After done? Yeah. – Yup. Yup. – I have about seven hundred, so. – What you tryin’ to say?
– For about five years? – Or even higher, even higher
than – one-six is probably low-end. – Low-end, yeah. ‘Cause you can’t find that. There’s probably nuthin’
in here for sale, is there? – Yeah. This area, demands that pricing. You know, so. Especially for the square footage. – Yeah. – So I was like, you know what? Fuck it. (laughs) Let’s do this! – Let’s see what happens, right? – Let’s see what happens. – Worst case scenario I break even. – I rolled the dice on this one. – Yeah, I mean, I think the worst case is you got a dope house on your hands and you may break even but I think you gon’ win anyways. – Yeah. Yeah. – ‘Cause y’all got buyers
like these out here. – Yeah.
– If it just look right. You added all this on? – No, that’s all… – That looks brand new. – It’s a stucco job. Everything’s pretty much
been there? I just took down all the rotted stuff, changed the roof. Right now, just, the guys
are doing the framing. Once we do the framing,
we’re back to closing it up. – You wan’ walk around it? – Ah yeah, yeah. I’ll give you the breakdown. – Give the fifty cent tour on it? – Yeah yeah. She can do it better. – You probably know it better, right? Did you pick out any finishes yet? – So the finishes are gonna
be, like, the last thing. So what we’ve gone over so
far is window placement, I’ve removed a lot of,
like some of the windows that were there, that just didn’t make sense. This room over here, and we can walk, but we’re gonna make it into a theater room, so we just took out all
the windows completely, blacked it out, because normally houses
of this size, they do have a theater room, you know, an office, a master, a pool, so this one
basically had everything, so we definitely wanted to give it the theater space and this is connected to
your kitchen, so it’s like the really good feel. – Dope. So what was the story
with the previous owner? You probably don’t know,
do you? Did the neighbors come out and tell you? – To be honest, what we
heard, or what I think– – Word on the street. – The word on the street
is he had some financial– – Financial issues, and then just– – They say scam money
don’t make no money, right? – [Max] I say it all the time. – You know what I mean? – [Max] I’m the type of guy,
I wipe out my out red account, I try to wipe that joint out,
every couple months, you know? And when it come back, it feels better. You know. Sitting there, you just look at it. – And I’m a firm believer
everything happens for a reason. I really didn’t want it,
but I put it out there, and then it came, I was
like, oh, okay, a’ight. They must want me to have it. – What, this house? – Yeah. – It came into like, our… – The thing is that I’ve seen
this house, we’ve seen this online before, and we talked
about it and I was like nah, it’s too big. – Yeah and I was like, look at this! This is a whole mess,
and he was like, nah. – [Charlie] Nah, I’m gonna jump in it. – It’s too much! – So I’m not, I ain’t gonna do that. – Well, I’ll let you
give the fifty cent tour. – Yeah.
– However you wanna do it. – Okay! Let’s do it. – Let’s start in the back. – We might as well start on
this side and just work our way. So, over here– – Wow, what the fuck? – You have a whole mother-in-law suite. – Okay, that’s what I
was thinking, like, what? – And that mother-in-law suite,
so it has its own garage, it’s gonna have its own bathroom, it can have a kitchenette, it’s gonna basically be
prepped for anything, and actually something that
we were just talking about, that we kind of ran through, was that whoever lives
here, they could use it as a mother-in-law suite, or maybe even try and
use it as like Airbnb. – [Max] Yeah. – Or something like that. – [Charlie] This is a whole different– – So this got termite in it. Yeah. – Oh yeah, that’s, yeah that’s– – All of that will, so, that’s a lot of
what was in this house, so you’ll see a lot of
rotted wood, and then also we’re re-stuccoing the whole thing, so you’ll see some places
that have the new stucco, and of course we’re still working on that. Everything’ll get new framing, new wood. – Everything pretty much’ll be new. – Yeah, you want nothing wrong.
What’s your projected time for this construction? – Well-ch, I’m doing this one in stages, so right now, what I’m focusing on is the framing, windows, stucco, and then obviously the roof– – ‘Cause you been your own
GC, right? That’s right, I remember the story, yeah. – So, once–
– Got thrown in to that. – Yeah, don’t want to
be, I’m a do it myself! – Yeah, I’m doing it in stages,
so once that is complete, then it’s time to shop it around again and – Finish it up. – Finish the inside. – I think that’s how you,
that you asked him about the budget, I think that’s
kind of how he’s able to keep a hold of that budget, because if he was to pay out,
or to just give it all to one guy, or then that’s
when problems start. And a house of this size, I think if you weren’t to
break it up, you’d just start losing track of stuff,
real quick, left and right. – I think that’s exactly
what contractors do anyways, like they go out and they
got the GC, and he got his seven different guys who do this, seven different guys who do this, and they’re like, yo,
put me some offers in. – Yup. – You know, move ’em in stages. So I think that’s the right thing. – And time wise too, another
part of that is the city’s, so going through permits,
with a house this size you have to, and this is
a smaller city so they are invested in what you’re doing, especially ’cause it
hasn’t really been done, so we’re actually– – And they want the taxes
from this property too! – Oh yeah they do! (laughs) – Taxes ain’t cheap, man, tryin’ to get rid of this thing, man! Tryin’ to move! – That comes whether the property– – City won’t hook me up!
– Is there or not! But when you fix it up, they gonna take the property value up, which means they can get
more taxes for it each time. – For sure. – Oh, that’s our wheel turning like– – Yeah, so they are invested
in what you doin’ ’cause they gon’ collect some– – Gon’ get they lil cut too man! – By the time it’s done it’s like, oh it’s a two million dollar crib! They
gonna tax it as, like that. – For sure. For sure. – Crazy. So you got a whole in-law back here. – A whole, whatever you want. Yep. So a whole bonus area,
basically. Which is great. – ‘Cause it actually is 100%
separated from the house. – It is 100%. Now it’s
still considered attached, just because of this part here. – Yeah, ’cause it can’t,
cause there’s ways around it, right? You cannot have another separate– – Dwelling. – ‘Cause then it’s a
different whole zoning, you know what I mean? So because there’s attached
to the house, then it’s cool. – Part of it. – Well, even when it comes to
costs, they’re like, oh that’s a whole ‘nother, with the
stucco and everything like that, they consider it basically
like building a mini-house. So you got your big house,
and it’s not joined, then you have a mini-house in a big house. And it doesn’t make sense. – We put some wood together,
see? It’s connected! – They’re cool! (laughs) – So that whole walkway,
and we’ll do something cool, cool step stones, whatever
going back but that leads to the back yard, so it’s really, this place got it’s whole own thing. – So do you see the vision
at the end already, are you– – Oh yeah, I mean I’m– – For like, all with all the corridors? – I’m pretty there, I’ve got, you know, like
color schemes in my head and stuff like that, and now that, when we
take you inside, you know, we’ve raised the ceiling in the
kitchen and stuff like that, so, I think, I’ve got a pretty
good idea, and I’ve talked to him about it. I think we’re kind of on the same page. This is just one of those
you can’t drop the ball with that design, clean, crisp, you know, stuff that– – I was sold on the palm
trees, man! (laughs) – Oh yeah! – I saw palm trees in
Texas, I said okay! Okay. – That’s it. I like that. – Not removin’ those
palm trees, man. (laughs) – And, funny that he brings that up, but, when you’re doing these houses,
you’re doing any houses, a big part of budget
too is that landscaping. – Hella budget. – Because this house is so large, like, we actually got lucky to have
all these mature palm trees– – Those expensive! Those
are real expensive. – Hell yeah they expensive. – So that I think, that
really actually helped us out. A little bit. So the guys are like, don’t touch it! – Yeah, yeah, no, I would
just manicure those bad boys. So you got a three-car garage? – Yeah, three-car garage. You
wanna go through the back, and then? – Sure. – [Charlie] Then through the– – If you want. I think they had that closed off anyways. – Yeah, they got it closed off. Man, this one, man, it’s
always something, man. It’s always something. – You been buying anything new since the– – [Charlie] No, I, no, no no. – [Max] Keeping everything chill, right? – [Charlie] No, right now I’m,
I told her, I mean, I got– – [Lala] He’s finishing out phase one. – [Charlie] Yeah. I call it phase one, ’cause I told you, I got– – [Max] You were having– – [Charlie] I got trigger
happy! Like I was just– – Let me get that, let me get this! – Let me get that, let me
get, yeah yeah yeah! (laughs) – Let me get another one too! – The monsoon! But I mean, you even can
close your eyes and see what that back yard could be. – Oh yeah. 100%. – You see this? This is, and
what you don’t see right now, there was like huge columns over there, an enclosed space with
like an outdoor kitchen, but it was just too– (dialogue fades out)

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  6. That’s too bad that this guy got caught up in today’s trend. Everyone thinks it’s sexy to be a FLIPPER but don’t really understand it’s one of the hardest components of real estate investing. I would’ve advised him to shadow someone that does this every day and takes on smaller projects. NEVER put your money into something you don’t fully understand. I wish them the best I hope he doesn’t become a motivated seller. I’ve done multiple projects and I still bump my head. Follow me: [email protected] whats_in_the_skyy

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