Why Are There Above Ground Power Lines in North Carolina?
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Why Are There Above Ground Power Lines in North Carolina?

hey friends Leigh Brown here with your
realtor tip of the day one question I get from buyers that are moving here
from other parts of the country and we call him big and he states me in places
where it’s cold in winter time it stately round how come I see this out my
window now you look out this window now that’s new construction don’t judge the
sticker you see a lot of power lines well we still have above ground power in
a lot of areas because Duke Energy has not invested in that yet if you are from
a place where you get lots and lots of snow and ice you may be used to
underground power lines so before you make assumptions about an area yes your
Realtor about why things are the way they are the answers might be regional
they might be weather-related and frankly usually your realtor has answers
so if you’re looking for houses and you don’t have a realtor yet call this girl
because no matter where you are I know somebody and if you’re here in the North
Carolina area you should totally give me and my girls a call

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