Why choose Real Estate Express? – Michael’s story
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Why choose Real Estate Express? – Michael’s story

My name is Michael Smoczynski. I had an interest in real estate investing and a background in that so I wanted to get into the industry full-time and becoming a licensed agent was really the next step in my path to my end goal of becoming a successful business owner and real estate investor. Reviews for Real Estate Express were really really awesome. I saw nothing but really four in five star reviews and after completing the coursework I believed I would give a four or five star review as well and I believe I have on a few sites as well. I really thought Real Estate Express seemed like the best option for the price. The things that make it an obvious choice I think were the accessibility and ease of use and then the other thing was the I really like the tracker. Maybe I was at twenty percent completion but I needed to be at 25 percent completion so it kind of pushed you along through the day to get you where you needed to be so you’re on track for your completion date. You know when I was looking through Real Estate Express platform, I found at the bottom there the Exam Prep master, and so I decided to give that a try before I pursued any supplemental study guide work. I used the one by one function where I went through the questions one by one and it wasn’t just memorizing it was truly understanding so that was the that was the big key there, so I really really did enjoy the Prep Master. I have a growing family with a five-year-old son. My current W2 job that I’m transitioning out of into real estate really tied me down for 40 to 60 hours a week and then came home and felt completely tired and exhausted and to get more quality time at home when I want so really really looking forward to that to being out on my own and making my own decisions with my career.

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