Why Do I Need A Realtor?
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Why Do I Need A Realtor?

– Hey guys, it’s Ali Garbero. So every day I have the privilege of working with home buyers and sellers. And the question that
I hear asked often is, what do I need a Realtor for? Now I understand that you’ve got access to a lot of online information today, to tools that help you value your home, that help you look for homes
and all of that stuff is great. I appreciate technology and
the way it simplifies my job. So the question I would ask for you is, are you prepared for when
the storms come, right Or the worst-case scenario
of what could happen when selling and buying your home? And the reason I ask that is
because while I’d like to, you know, TV would like, you know, most people would like you to believe that buying and selling a home
is very smooth, very simple, as easy as throwing a sign in the yard. What nobody is showing you
is all the behind the scenes emotion and stress that come with selling your largest financial asset. So are you prepared, do you understand that your home doesn’t appraise, and it appraises $20,000 under value? Do you understand how to push back and give comps to an appraiser
to bring that value up? Do you understand neighborhood trends? Do you understand if you’re
accepting a contingent offer, Do you understand what questions to ask of a mortgage lender? Who really understand that that buyer’s really, really pre-qualified and that they’re going
to see the transaction through to close? Do you understand what could happen if on the day of close, you’re home leaks and you’ve got a roof repair which is something that just
happened to one of my clients? And you’re still liable for that asset. You’re depending on the sale of your home to purchase your new one and now your buyer’s threatening
not to close on your home because that repair needs to be made. Do you have the vendors
that will pick up your phone call at you know,
9:30 or 10:00 at night? And be out to the home
and have that repair made by 8 am the next morning so that you close on your home? And if you need to extend settlement do you understand what
that’s going to cost you? Do you understand what contingent to the sale of buyer’s
home means in court? Do you understand the real
estate purchase contract? Do you understand boundary
lines and easement issues? Do you understand what it
means when you don’t disclose everything you know about the home? And what that could mean
for litigation in court later down the road? And I don’t love to sell fear, that’s not where I’m going at all. I lead, I hope that I lead
with a teacher’s heart, in really leading through education. I sell by teaching and when I say what you need a realtor for, is we take on that liability. There’s a reason we pay licensing fees and have liabilities and dues. Because we take a lot
of that, all of that, that heavy lifting, all of that liability. So that you never find
yourself three months down the road having a buyer come back and say, hey you didn’t disclose this, or hey I wasn’t aware of that. Or last minute getting
kicked out of your house ’cause you can’t close on your new one but you already agreed to
sell your existing one. Or your buyer not being able
to close on the property ’cause you didn’t understand that, hey they hadn’t filed their taxes. And that was something that maybe you didn’t know to ask your loan officer. So what you need a realtor
for is the same reason you need an attorney
when you’re going into court. Not that you’re not intelligent. You could even be an attorney but there’s a reason why even an attorney would hire a professional. Because at the end of the day we are emotionally attached to
the outcome of that process. And it is very hard to
diplomatically negotiate when you’ve got a lot of emotion involved. And if you think that
home buying and selling isn’t emotional, as someone
who’s done this for six years, I’m 25 but look like I’m 42
because that is the stress that we take on because
buying and selling home is always emotional. My job is to take that off of your plate and make it as smooth
a process as possible. I hope that sort of answers your question as far as why you would want to engage with having a Realtor. A professional representing
you in the court of buying and selling a home. If you’ve ever got questions,
always here to help. (lively music)

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