Why People Don’t Trust Realtors (The Truth About Real Estate Training Programs)
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Why People Don’t Trust Realtors (The Truth About Real Estate Training Programs)

Why people don’t trust realtors. Hey it’s Gary Wong from garywongrealty.com
again. People know me as the Christian realtor. I’m also the author of the book on Vancouver
real estate and one of the directors for the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, Vancouver
West Side Division. In this video I’ll talk about why many people
don’t trust realtors. Let’s start off by clarifying that, it’s not
that the realtors in the industry are sleazy or shady or slimy. That’s not the case. Most realtors in the industry are very honest,
transparent, full of integrity. But a lot of realtors in the industry find
it hard to survive. So what do they do? They get training. They purchase sales programs. They get coaching. 98% of the training and coaching out there
focuses on teaching realtors how to get more sales. How to close a deal. How to manipulate so you have more clients,
and get more deals, and make more money, rather than teaching the realtors how to be client
centered professionals. How to provide excellent customer service. How to be excellent at negotiations. How to make your client feel at ease throughout
the entire process. I learned this concept from a trainer who’s
been in the business for decades, and then when I reflected on the training programs
out there for realtors, I noticed that was true. A lot of training programs out there are just
focused on getting more deals, more sales. How to set up more appointments instead of,
how to provide better service. How to be excellent at what you do. How to be a better contract writer. How to be a better people person. It’s unfortunate, but let me reassure you,
there are great training programs out there that help realtors be better professionals. I hope that answers the question that you’ve
always been thinking about. Once again, this is The Everything Real Estate
Channel. If you haven’t subscribed already, please
subscribe below and comment below. Gary Wong from garywongrealty.com. Until next time, God bless you. Thanks guys for watching my video. Please subscribe and share with your friends. Email me if you have anymore questions. Thank you.

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