Wie Plane Ich Ein Tiny House On Wheels? Pt. 1 ♦ Mein Weg zum TINY HOUSE in Deutschland #8
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Wie Plane Ich Ein Tiny House On Wheels? Pt. 1 ♦ Mein Weg zum TINY HOUSE in Deutschland #8

Hello there, welcome back to my channel, I’m Nessa and today I’ll talk about some key points to keep in mind before buying or building a tiny house on wheels. I only talk about my own experience so it doesn’t have to be like that for you but I think some basic notions are the same for everyone. Thus this video as a guide. I wish something like that had been around when I started so I’ll do that now. First off: Do I really want a tiny house? It sounds trivial but many people love photos of tiny houses online or think, they are cozy spaces, but do you want to spend your life or at least a few years or your life in this house and do I like the idea of downsizing to this place. Most people own a lot more than what fits in there so they have to declutter a lot. This might not be for everyone and in this case it might not be to move into a tiny house. So you should consider that and start decluttering pretty early, identify the things you really need and those you don’t, so everything will fit in there. Another point not everyone might consider is that you might live in a certain legal insecurity. Tiny houses aren’t yet very common in Germany, so no special laws, it might be that officials have problems classifying it and you encounter obstacles to get permissions so you should be aware that you are on new grounds here and have a certain enthusiasm about stuff to get over obstacles. The good news is that it’s doable, you just have to have the motivation and you need to consider that at an early stage. What helps there is spending a night in a tiny house if you don’t happen to have friends who live tiny. In that case, check manufacturers who have tiny houses and test those, e. g. Tiny House Rheinau have several houses where you can spend a night or two. Also, Tiny House Village is open now, they also have houses to spend a night so check that out. That gives you an idea about the room. In any case I’d suggest going to an open day and at least go inside a tiny house to feel the dimensions and if they are for your or not. Second, which kind of tiny house do I want? On wheels or is something else better? There are mobile homes, modular concepts, Wohlwagen, Wohnwagon, you have many options and you need to go through them and see which kind suits you best. Do I rather want to live off-grid, do I want to stock up later, modular home maybe, just to make sure that a tiny house on wheels is the best option for you. From my own experience: I chanced upon Wohnwagon first before knowing about tiny houses and I only realised now that a tiny house might be better for me. The first thing you see will not always be the right or the best option so take your time with that decision and you will be happier in the end. The personal situation is relevant as well. If I have my own lands to build on and plan on staying there, it doesn’t make sense to choose wheels because I don’t need a trailer.
Once you decide on a tiny house on wheels you need to decide whether or not to build it yourself. This question comes down to money for most people, whether you can afford it. Still, you shouldn’t take this decision lightly. There are a few things to consider. I will talk about that in another video, it’s too much for one video. Just to name a few things, you need to consider the time aspect, the budget you planned for might not be enough, so don’t plan too tight, some things you need to pay for, electrical, if you don’t happen to be a professional, so those costs need to be taken into account. You need a place to build, you need the tools and machines, do consider that upfront. Don’t rush with this part. The good things is, though, as many people show online, USA and elsewhere, that even amateurs can do it if they take their time to learn the skills and get professional help if needed. The next point is how much do I want to spend? Be it for building or for a manufacturer, the questions is how much you want to pay or can pay. My advice would be not to save on materials so much, it affects the environment and the build, as well as my own health. I’ll live in there. Cheap is not better here. Rather save a bit longer, if you buy or build a tiny house, to get the house you really like and that’s good for your health and the environment. You can of course check online what other people have spent on their house, whole sums or each individual element in their house. You only need to be aware that the devil is in the detail, where did I get my windows, were they custom made or standard, those are things you might not know before so those sums might not work for your build; your floor plan is different anyway. It helps, though, to give you an idea which kinds of costs might await you, like, ah, those pipes I need, I forgot that. That’s how you can get an impression. Just don’t rely on it, it’s important to have your own budget and to see what you need for YOUR build and how much money YOU need. For my shell I estimate a total of 10.000-15.000 Euros. Shell because I’m not sure yet about the interiour. It depends on kitchen, new or second hand, these things. It’s important to sum up the shell because this should be built in one flow if you don’t have a workshop. The insulation shouldn’t get wet, you need to protect it against rain, so this money should be there before you start. Next up, what will my home look like? There are countless floor plans and sketch up files online. Be aware that, for one, most of them are from the US, they have different measurements and weight limits, I can tow different trailers there. It’s not the same here so check your local regulations first. I talked about that in some of my videos and will talk about it more in the future. So don’t just take those plans. Also, everybody’s different, and it doesn’t make sense to just take someone elses’s plan for such a small, individual space. You can get inspired, of course, there are great options to save space which you haven’t thought of, staircases with storage, those kinds, but you need to decide for yourself what you need in your home and build it accordingly. Example: I knew that I wanted to have a large bed, not in the loft, so that takes up space, I also need a large office because I work from home on my computer, so that is important. That’s why I decided to build a nine meter house, not a seven meter one. Instead, I only have one loft because I only need one. So the shape is different than in the floor plans I looked at before. Which means, the size of the home is influenced by our needs. It makes sense to have a list of the top ten things you need in your home. A large kitchen, many windows or a see through front door. And when you have your ten things you think you need, then you can start to draw plans. You need to take your time with that list, it took me a few weeks to come up with all the imporant things I wanted to have, and I kept evaluating that list. Once I had that I could draw a floor plan. It doesn’t have to be precise straight away, just take a sheet of paper and start drawing to see how it could work out. And you will see that that there are certain room layouts that work better than others. Bathroom and kitchen next to each other makes sense because plumbing is easier, etc. That’s the first step, but I’m not going to go deeper here, I want to save that for the next video in this series on how to plan your tiny house, it will go live when I’m building so I can summarise the next steps. If you have questions or want me to add certain things, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Hope you found this interesting! If I missed something, let me know. See you in my next tiny house video, I’ll not be able to post two videos this week because I’m abroad. I’ll be back next Wednesday. So there might not be a video until then. See you in the next one, ciao!

10 thoughts on “Wie Plane Ich Ein Tiny House On Wheels? Pt. 1 ♦ Mein Weg zum TINY HOUSE in Deutschland #8

  1. Hallo Nessa, wie immer tolles Video!
    Gehst du davon aus, zukünftig am normalen Stromnetz zu hängen da du nie umziehen wirst, oder planst du auch mit Solar und Pufferbatterien um dich eine gewisse Zeit lang autark mit Energie versorgen zu können?
    Mit einem Partner wirds im tiny house wohl schon kuschelig eng, aber wie sieht das mit einem Baby aus? Unmöglich oder? LG, Martin

  2. Hey Du, Deine Schritt für Schritt Planung ist sehr gut, genau so sollte es sein damit Du Dich wohlfühlen kannst. Hast Du schon mal darüber nachgedacht das Du Dein Loft über Nacht absenken könntest? Ähnlich wie bei einer Hebebühne? Es würden ja 50 cm mehr völlig ausreichen. Ferner würde ich Dir auch ein Lüftungssystem empfehlen mit Keramikeinsatz von Marley 500 Euro dann hast Du im Sommer nicht diese Hitze im Haus und im Winter immer gereinigte frische warme Luft.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Hi Nessa,
    finde deine Videos super hilfreich meinem Traum vom Tiny House mehr realitätsnähe zu geben 🙂
    Meine Frage ist: Wo liegen bei z.B. dem Anhänger den du bestellt hast die Räder?
    Das muss ja wissen, um die Haustür planen zu können
    Mfg Marie

  4. Tolle Doku – Thumbs up dafür
    Mich fasziniert jedoch eine Variante, die hier in unseren Breitengraden wegen der Isolierung recht schwer umsetzbar ist – ein umgebauter Schiffscontainer.
    Da ich nicht gerade ungeschickt bin, könnte ich mir so zu wohnen echt vorstellen…
    Hier mein Favorit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPgjndFqqwY

  5. Hi nessa Danke für deine tollen Videos!!!du bringst wirklich viele nützliche Infos!!ich denke auch du schon seit einiger Zeit an ein Tiny House/:::und deine Videos sind total hilfreich…werde demnächst Tiny House rheinau einen Besuch abstatten um zu sehen wie es sich anfühlt tatsächlich in so einem Haus zu stehen!freu mich auf weitere Videos von dir!Finde ich sehr bewundernswert das du das so durchziehst!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  6. ich vermute mal, das du keinen partner hast. hast du denn einen partner für die zukunft eingeplant. macht ja schon ein untetschied ob du alleine oder zu zweit dort wohnst

  7. Wo lebst du denn eigentlich? In der Stadt in der ich wohne gibt es nicht wirklich tiny house geeignete Grundstücke:/

  8. Hallo Du, ich finde das klasse, dass Du hier dieses Thema so intensiv behandelst und ich schaue auch immer mal wieder rein. Ich finde es nur etwas anstrengend, Dir zu folgen, weil Du für mich ein wenig zu schnell und monoton sprichst. Nur so als Feedback

  9. Danke für deine Videos. Ich bin gerade auf deinen Kanal gestoßen und total begeistert! Ich würde auch gerne in einem Tiny House wohnen 🙂

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